The Knutsford Jubilee Arch

Knutsford residents will see the council tax paid to Knutsford Town Council decrease from April as the Council honours its commitment to reduce the precept as part of the 2021/22 budget. The total precept (amount collected through council tax) decreases by £55,697 from £511,118 to £455,421 meaning a Band D property will pay £78.61 over the year to the Town Council, a decrease of £9.41.

Residents in Knutsford pay the 7th lowest precept of the 13 towns in Cheshire East, lower than Nantwich (£174.79), Congleton (£91.09), Sandbach (£83.88), Poynton (c. £83.21), Holmes Chapel (£82.79) and Alsager (£79.46).

The council’s total budget for the 2021/22 financial year is just over £660,000 and includes provision for the by-elections in the Nether and Bexton wards (estimated cost £6,500 each) and additional spending to support the recovery of the town centre following the impact of lockdowns.

The council’s budget also includes two new larger grants; £2,420 to Knutsford GROW to support the reinvigoration of the charity and £15,520 to The Welcome to support the charity and fund counselling to support older residents following the impact of lockdown and self-isolation.

The budget continues provision for the Town Council to lead reviews of the five Conservation Areas which have been delayed due to COVID and provides funding for the continued implementation of the Nature Action Plan tree planting programme which starts in March.

The full budget is available to view on the council’s website at