The Town Council is a consultee on all planning applications within Knutsford and has a dedicated committee to consider these applications and submit comments to Cheshire East Council.

The Town Council is not  the planning authority and the final decision is made by Cheshire East Council. Planning decisions are based on national and local planning policies.

The Town Council’s Planning Committee meets every two weeks at 6pm; its meetings usually fall before one of the other committee meetings. The Committee sets aside a period of time for members of the public to comment on the applications under consideration – so if you are affected by a planning application, check when it is on our agenda, come along and let your councillors know.

The Planning Committee considers the following types of application:

  • standard planning applications
  • Applications for tree works (inc. s211 notices)
  • Applications for the discharge of conditions which relate to Listed Buildings or buildings within a Conservation Area
  • All non-material minor amendments
  • Certificates if Lawful Existing Use or Development (CLEUD)

The committee does not consider Certificates of Lawful Proposed Use or Development (CLPUD) or discharges of conditions except as above.

To see current applications in Knutsford visit the Cheshire East Planning Portal:

Neighbourhood Planning

n February 2014 Knutsford Town Council set the production of a Neighbourhood Plan as one of its 13 Strategic Aims to achieve by 2020. In July the Neighbourhood Plan Committee established by the Town Council met for the first time and agreed that the first step would be to organise a public meeting.

On October 7th a meeting was held in the Cranford Suite of Curzon where representatives from Cheshire Community Action and Cheshire East Council presented on the benefits of Neighbourhood Planning. A vote taken at the meeting showed the attendees overwhelmingly supported the principle of a plan being produced for Knutsford.

The Town Council has established a dedicated website for the Neighbourhood Plan –