Library Garden, Toft Road.

The Centennial War Memorial is a Grade II listed memorial unveiled in October 2018 as the council’s lasting commemoration of the centenary of the First World War. The memorial brings together a comprehensive roll of honour (published below) to publicly display the names of the fallen in a central and accessible war memorial and focal point for remembrance services.

The memorial incorporates the statue of Haron Baronian which was originally commissioned as a family memorial the statue had been relocated to the War Memorial Cottage Hospital in the 1970s.

The roll of honour lists the fallen from World War I, World War II and since 1945. The memorial was listed by Historic England in 2019, recognising the historic significance of the Hamo Thorneycroft Baronian sculpture.

Lord Lieutenant stands at the memorial as a cadet reads from a lecturn
An old photograph of the Knutsford War Memorial Cottage Hospital


The War Memorial Cottage Hospital was built in 1922 as a functional memorial and tribute to the fallen of Knutsford and the surrounding parishes.

In 1995, the building was sold by the NHS to the British Red Cross who used it as their county headquarters until 2020. The building has been sold to McCarthy and Stone and planning permission granted for its demolition and replacement with retirement apartments.

The wooden memorial boards are now displayed in the Council Offices and list the fallen from both wars from Knutsford and the surrounding parishes. McCarthy and Stone will be creating a new public memorial garden on the site which will incorporate the original plinth from the Haron Baronian statue and the marble plaque from the hospital.



Mobberley Road

The Crosstown War Memorial is a sandstone fleur-de-lis cross on a raised garden near St Cross church. It commemorates the 47 servicemen from the St Cross parish who died during the First World War.


Brook Street

The Liberal Club War Memorial is a brass plaque on dark wooden board listing the names of the club members who fell during the First World War and those who served and returned.


 Princess Street

The Methodist Church War Memorial is a gothic style oak board which lists the five members of the church who died in the First World War and the members who served and returned.


Church Hill

The St John’s Church War Memorial comprises three oak panels, two naming those from the parish who died in World War One and the third naming the fallen from World War Two.


Oka, King Edward Road

The Conservative Club War Memorial is an ornate brass plaque mounted on an oak board. It lists the names of the club members who who died during both world wars and the names of those who served and returned.


The following servicemen are commemorated on the Centennial War Memorial.


William Ainscoe

Wilfred Cecil Alcock

William F Allen

Albert Atkinson

Alfred Atkinson

William E Bainbrigge

Harry S Baird

James R Barber

Haron J Baronian

Nathanial J M Barry

George A Bebbington

Ernest Bentley

Arthur John Berry

George James Birkenhead

Joseph Booth

Matthew O Bostock

Samuel Bowers

Edmond M Bowly

James Bracegirdle

William Bracegirdle

George H Brandreth

Frederick Brierley

Thomas Britcliffe

Arthur C Brooke-Taylor

John Brooks

John Henry Brown

John Burns

Albert Cash

Donald Cash

George Cash

Daniel Caulfield

Joseph Chapman

Harry Clark

Leonard Clarke

Robert Clarke

William T Clayton

James Collier

James Collins

Edward Connor

Donald Cragg

Harry Cragg

John Culkin

Harry Cummins

Albert E Curbishley

Edward Curbishley

Oliver Curbishley

Charles Henry Daniel

Frederick Darlington

Fred Darlington

Harry Darlington

Tom Darlington

William Darlington

Hugh Mercer Davies

Arthur L Dawson

Reginald A F Downie

Robert T M Downie

Harry Edmunds

Charles Fletcher

James Foster

John George Fowles

George W Garft

Herbert Garner

John William Garner

Arthur Evan Gidman

Joseph Gidman

Thomas Gillett

Geoffrey M E Girard

Ernest James Gough

George Greenall

James Griffiths

Sidney Groves

George Hamman

Harry Hammond

Jack Hammond

John James Hammond

Joseph Hammond

William Hammond

Herbert Hayman

Walter G Hayward

Percy Healey

Ronald W Hill

Walter Hillyard

George Henry Hooley

Sidney Howard

Samuel S Howarth

Geoffrey M Hoyle

John Baldwin Hoyle

George W Hulme

William Hulme

Arthur Hulston

James Hurdsfield

Ernest Hurst

Harry Illidge

Thomas Jackson

William Henry Jackson

Joseph Jervis

William Johnson

Clarence W Jones

Ernest A Jones

Edwin Jones

Frederick J Keens

George Kennerley

Francis Knowles

Victor Large

James Lea

Tom Lea

Patrick Leech

Frederick G Leech

William Leigh

John Leonard

Harry Light

Edward Lowe

Joseph Lowe

George Lucas

Ronald F K Macdonald

Francis P Mcgowan

Gordon H Merriman

Fred Milner

William S Moore

Edward Moston

Peter Murphy

James H Norbury

Reginald Norbury

William E Oakes

Eric William Ogden

William Ollier

Fred Padmore

Fred W Parmenter

Samuel E Parrott

George Peers

Samuel Peers

Samuel Last Peers

Mayson Penn

William T Pennington

Charles Leigh Pickering

Guy Keynon Pierson

John Price

Thomas Rayner

Arthur Richardson

Charles Richardson

Peter Edward Richardson

William Richardson

Douglas M Rigby

Arthur Parry Roberts

Joseph Rowlinson

Henry Royle

Jack Rushton

George Shaw

William Henry Shaw

Robert Y Sidebottom

Harry Simon

Duncan Sinclair

Walter M Sinclair

Fred Slade

George W Slade

William Slater

Edward P Smith

Fred Smith

James Spilsbury

Albert Sumner

Alfred Taylor

Sidney Thomas

George Thornber

William R Tonge

John Venables

Harry Vernon

Percy Vernon

William Watson

William Whiston

James Henry White

George Whittaker

James Wilding

Albert Wilkinson

William B Wilkinson

Ernest Williams

Harold Wilson

Percy Ralph Winser

Albert E Wright

Godfrey S Wunsch

John Yarwood


Herbert Ashby

Robert Ballantyne

Eric Bellaers

Robert Bond

Sydney Brookes

William Arthur Brooks

John Wilson Brownrigg

A Buckley

Horace Buckley

John Thomas Buckley

Kenneth Buckley

Samual Lee Buckley

William M Burke

James Caveney

Joseph Peter Caulfield

James William Chorlton

J Coggins

Albert Connor

A Curbishley

Harry Daniel

Frank Arthur Dobson

Robin James N Ellis

John Edwards

William Foy

George Albert Hamman

John Oswald Hamman

Harry Garft Hatton

Louis Milsom Hesketh

Joseph Higginson

Alan Hill

J T Hood

J Hubert Howarth

Lewis Alfred Ikin

Joseph Peter Jarvis

Thomas W Jackson

Arthur Jones

Charles Lamb

Rowland Lea

George Leach

P Moody

John Alan Pennington-Legh

Thomas Ollier

John Kidson L Paterson

J R Patterson

George F Peters

Leonard Roberts

George Edgar Royle

Victor Allen Seed

John Ernest Simcock

Michael H F Simon

Jack Snow

A Tickle

Owen Traynor

Noreen Trowell

Jim F Vickers

George R Wakefield

William E Walker

J Walsh

Sydney S Walton

Geoffrey Warburton

James Warburton

C White

John Alfred E Williams

Geroge H Worrall


David Hadden

Max Raingill