A strategic plan is one of the most important documents for any organisation, setting out its priorities and giving direction to all those involved in its work. This is our second corporate strategy and sets out what we will work to deliver for you over the next 10 years through to 2032.

Our plan is an overarching strategy and intentionally doesn’t detail the solutions; it sets out our core aims and objectives – how we deliver on this will be set out as we progress through the next decade.

This plan has been built on ground up community consultation which took place in summer 2022. The consultation aimed to help us understand what the priorities of the community were so we can ensure that delivering on those priorities forms the core of our work. In February/March 2023 we consulted on a draft plan, seeking further community input to ensure our priorities meet the Town. This plan was then adopted in June 2023.

Our six aims are what we work towards in the long term and each aim is supported by a series of objectives setting out how we will make them a reality. Each year we will produce specific action plans detailing what we will be doing to meet our objectives and we will hold ourselves accountable to their delivery. Working together we’ll continue to make Knutsford a better place for all.


Knutsford Town Centre will be a thriving and unique destination for residents and visitors alike.

Knutsford will have a diverse network of green spaces, a biodiverse natural environment and a reduced carbon footprint.

We will lead a strong, connected community with a thriving community spirit and civic pride.

We will enable residents to choose to reduce their reliance on cars by improving the desirability of walking, cycling and using public transport.

Knutsford’s heritage will be understood, conserved and celebrated.

Knutsford residents will have access to the services and facilities they need to live happy and healthy lives.


In creating a new ten-year strategy, we were keen to ensure that it was built from the ground up with community input. Rather than preparing some ideas and heading out to consultation, we held a series of workshops and an open survey in summer 2022 which gave residents an opportunity to raise any matters they felt needed to be addressed in the town. We gave a short presentation on what our role as a Town Council is and what we can/cannot achieve and asked people to highlight what is good and bad about Knutsford to help identify areas we need to focus.

We then used this information to develop some draft strategic aims and a series of objectives which set out what we would seek to achieve by 2032 to meet the needs of the community. This draft plan was then put back out to public consultation in Feb/March 2023 and we sought input on whether we have properly interpreted what the community raised in our earlier consultation. We also asked what specific actions people think we should take to deliver these objectives.

Following this feedback we modified the plan and it was then taken forward for adoption by Full Council in June 2023.


Action RefObjective RefActionResponsible CommitteeLead OfficerTarget DateStatus
ASS01C3Assets and Operations Committee to review the scope of Town Ranger serviceAssetsTown Clerk26/06/2023Complete
TOW01TC1Establish a Town Centre Masterplan working groupTown CentreTown Clerk 10/07/2023Complete
TOW07TC3Deliver successful alfresco dining eveningsTown CentreTown Centre Manager22/07/2023Complete
ENV11T1Establish an Active Travel Infrastructure Plan working groupEnvironmentTown Clerk24/07/2023Complete
ENV18T5Respond to the Northern consultation on the closure of the ticket office at the stationEnvironmentTown Clerk28/07/2023
COM9C8Investigate and agree a new e-marketing platform to enable the development of improved e-communication channels.CommunityTown Clerk31/07/2023Complete
TOW06TC3Deliver successful Knutsford Family FestTown CentreTown Centre Manager05/08/2023Started
ASS08S5Creation and dissemination of a promotional leaflet for the Cemetery ChapelAssetsTown Clerk 31/08/2023Started
ASS09S5Development of a marketing plan to generate further bookings of the Cemetery ChapelAssetsTown Clerk 31/08/2023
COM21S4Obtain a clear position from Cheshire East Council on the status of funding for improvements to Knutsford Leisure Centre following changes introduced in their medium term financial strategyCommunityTown Clerk31/08/2023Started
ENV04H2Support McCarthy and Stone in the creation of the interpretation board for the memorial garden at the site of the War Memorial Cottage HospitalEnvironmentTown Clerk31/08/2023Started
ENV16T3Write to landowners to understand if there are any existing issues/conflicts on Public Rights of WayEnvironmentTown Clerk31/08/2023
ENV17T3Investigate options for replacing PROW signage to include indication of where paths lead toEnvironmentTown Clerk31/08/2023
ENV19T5Council representative to Mid Cheshire Community Rail Partnership to ascertain if there are any specific actions they would like to see the Town Council support/undertakeEnvironmentTown Clerk31/08/2023
ENV20T6Better understand the community transport schemes in Knutsford and identify if any support is requiredEnvironmentTown Clerk31/08/2023
COM6C6Deliver a successful (measured by attendance and feedback from groups) third ReFresh Knutsford community freshers fair.CommunityCommunications Officer02/09/2023Started
ASS02C3Personnel Committee (and then Council) to consider increasing staffing resource for Town Ranger servicePersonnelTown Clerk11/09/2023Started
TOW04TC3Deliver a successful Knutsford at Home initiativeTown CentreTown Centre Manager16/09/2023Started
ASS05S5Town Clerk to investigate income generation from building in current form, including to understand the VAT impact of any income on the council’s overall VAT recovery and report to committee on proposalsAssetsTown Clerk18/09/2023
ENV01H2Consider the installation of three blue plaques put forward under the Blue Plaques SchemeEnvironmentTown Clerk25/09/2023
ENV23T7Consider the 20’s plenty campaign and whether it should be supported in KnutsfordEnvironmentTown Clerk25/09/2023
PLA06H3Investigate the cost and process of conservation area designations for Cranford Avenue, Grove Park and Shaw HeathPlanningPlanning and Facilities Officer25/09/2023Started
PLA11C9Committee to consider the timing and budget requirements of a Neighbourhood Plan ReviewPlanningTown Clerk25/09/2023Started
COM1C1Hold a meeting with Great Places, The Welcome and Cheshire East Council Community Team to understand the known/unknown in relation to access to services within St John's Wood ward.CommunityTown Clerk30/09/2023Started
COM11C10Develop a new regular e-newsletter from the Town CouncilCommunityCommunications Officer30/09/2023
COM12C11Develop a schedule of existing locations where posters/notices can be displayed to promote activityCommunityCommunications Officer30/09/2023
COM19S4Obtain information from Cheshire East Council and local schools on current school places provision and subscription levelsCommunityTown Clerk30/09/2023Started
COM4C6Develop an updated community organisation directory both for internal use and published on the Town Council website.CommunityCommunications Officer30/09/2023
COM5C6Launch a regular community group e-newsletterCommunityCommunications Officer30/09/2023
COM7C6Increase promotion of the council's grant scheme and alternative funding opportunities with local groups via the community group newsletterCommunityTown Clerk30/09/2023
ENV03H2Install a new plaque for the QEII coronation treeEnvironmentTown Clerk30/09/2023Started
ENV13T2Work with partners to develop a project plan for the cycle path from the Moor to ParkgateEnvironmentTown Clerk30/09/2023
ENV22T6Research the options and costs of enhanced bus servicesEnvironmentTown Clerk30/09/2023
ENV25T7Implement a robust programme for speed monitoring to identify problem roads and engage with Cheshire East Council and Cheshire Police to secure action to addressEnvironmentPlanning and Facilities Officer30/09/2023
PLA01H3Conclude the review of the Heathfield Square Conservation Area and submit to CECPlanningPlanning and Facilities Officer30/09/2023Started
PLA02H3Conclude the review of the St John's Conservation Area and submit to CECPlanningPlanning and Facilities Officer30/09/2023Started
EVE01H2Events Committee to consider options for re-introducing a Heritage Open Days event in September 2024EventsEvents Manager02/10/2023
EVE02H2Events Committee to consider options for marking the 50th anniversary of the Town CouncilEventsTown Clerk / Events Manager02/10/2023Started
EVE03C5Events Committee to consider options for a community fun day on the open space at Longridge/Higher Downs in summer 2024EventsEvents Manager02/10/2023
EVE08TC6Events Committee to consider options for a re-launched Knutsford Art Trail for April 2024EventsEvents Manager02/10/2023
EVE09TC6Events Committee to consider options for a re-launched Knutsford Food and Drink FestivalEventsEvents Manager02/10/2023
TOW02TC1Develop a project plan for the creation of the masterplan.Town CentreTown Clerk02/10/2023
ASS10S5Terms to be agreed with Bruntwood for their occupation of 60 King StreetAssetsTown Clerk 09/10/2023
COM13C12Develop a schedule of locations for potential new noticeboards in areas across the town with natural footfallCommunityTown Clerk31/10/2023
COM15C14Develop a ‘consultation and engagement template’ for use when planning engagement activity, detailing opportunities for connecting with existing networks and events, developing novel engagement methods and how to reach differnet stakeholders and demographics.CommunityTown Clerk31/10/2023
COM20S4Investigate current and potential community usage of the Adelaide Academy Sports BarnCommunityTown Clerk31/10/2023
COM8C7Undertake a gap analysis of the community organisations within the town to identify if there are any areas where new organisations would be beneficial CommunityTown Clerk31/10/2023
ENV09C4Develop a schedule of routine maintenance/cleanliness jobs that would be suitable for volunteers to supportEnvironmentPlanning and Facilities Officer31/10/2023
ENV14T2Work with partners to fund the necessary survey work for the Moor to Parkgate Cycle PathEnvironmentTown Clerk31/10/2023
EVE05C5Host the Knutsford Pumpkin PathEventsEvents Manager31/10/2023Started
PLA03H3Conclude the review of the Cross Town Conservation Area and submit to CECPlanningPlanning and Facilities Officer31/10/2023Started
PLA11E4Agree lobbying for the protection of trees with Cheshire East Council and the government PlanningPlanning and Facilities Officer31/10/2023
TOW05TC3Deliver a successful autumn Knutsford Flash Fashion initiativeTown CentreTown Centre Manager31/10/2023Started
TOW12TC5Complete a business confidence survey to identify where support is neededTown CentreTown Centre Manager31/10/2023Started
TOW16S5Update the Markets Strategy and action planTown CentreTown Clerk13/11/2023
ENV02H2Explore a ‘lost streets’ project which would look to install signage denoting street names which have been lost or streets which are no longer in existence e.g. Bakehouse Yard, Love Lane etcEnvironmentTown Clerk27/11/2023
ENV15T3Source volunteers to undertake a survey of existing PROW and non-PROWEnvironmentTown Clerk30/11/2023
TOW08TC3Increase promotion of the Knutsford VoucherTown CentreTown Centre Manager30/11/2023
TOW09TC3Increase promotion of Taste KnutsfordTown CentreTown Centre Manager30/11/2023
TOW13TC5Identify areas where businesses could benefit from shared resourcesTown CentreTown Centre Manager30/11/2023
COM14C13Create a pop-up “What’s On” ‘POS’ display that can be deployed at events to promote upcoming activity/ general informationCommunityCommunications Officer02/12/2023
EVE10TC6Host Knutsford Christmas Market and Christmas Light Switch OnEventsEvents Manager02/12/2023Started
EVE06C5Host the Crib ServiceEventsCivic Events Officer09/12/2023
ASS03C3Planning and Facilities Officer undertake a review of equipment provided for the Town Ranger service and bring proposals for future purchase/replacement to the Assets and Operations Committee AssetsPlanning and Facilities Officer31/12/2023
ASS04C3Planning and Facilities Officer to explore enhanced use of CEC depot at Longridge.AssetsPlanning and Facilities Officer31/12/2023
ASS07S5Assets and Operations Committee to monitor the impact of change in usage fee and introduction of contactless payments on usage of the public toiletsAssetsTown Clerk 31/12/2023
COM16S1Facilitate joint meetings of stakeholders in connection with the delivery of a new medical centre, leading to an agreed delivery plan.CommunityTown Clerk31/12/2023
COM17S3Compile a schedule of existing services and facilities within Knutsford to create a baselineCommunityTown Clerk31/12/2023
COM3c2Undertake a consultation with the residents of Longridge on whether the streets should be renamed and ideas for renaming.CommunityTown Clerk31/12/2023
ENV08H4Undertake a ward-by-ward local heritage surveyEnvironmentTown Clerk31/12/2023
ENV10C4Explore the creation of a volunteer team to support activityEnvironmentPlanning and Facilities Officer31/12/2023
ENV21T6Undertake a survey of existing bus infrastructure to identify any required improvementsEnvironmentTown Clerk31/12/2023
ENV27E1Work with established friends groups to ensure the Green Spaces Strategy consultation also meets their specific aimsEnvironmentTown Clerk31/12/2023
ENV28E3Develop and commence implementation of an updated Nature Action Plan for the 2023-2027 periodEnvironmentPlanning and Facilities Officer31/12/2023
ENV29E4Review of the mature trees survey to identify 10 trees/areas suitable for preservation orders and an application to be submitted to Cheshire East Council EnvironmentPlanning and Facilities Officer31/12/2023
PLA04H3Conclude the review of the Town Centre Conservation Area and submit to CECPlanningPlanning and Facilities Officer31/12/2023Started
PLA09C9Explore creation of a checklist for members to appraise applications against PlanningPlanning and Facilities Officer31/12/2023
PLA10E4Undertake a review of planning decisions for tree applications over the past twelve months to identify learning points from CEC Tree Officer reportsPlanningPlanning and Facilities Officer31/12/2023
PLA12H3Implement a system to ensure the conservation area management plan objectives are considered when reviewing planning applications within said areas.PlanningPlanning and Facilities Officer31/12/2023
TOW03TC2Secure a timeframe from Cheshire East Council for the feasibility assessments of the From Top to Bottom Street ProposalsTown CentreTown Clerk31/12/2023Complete
TOW10TC4Secure agreement from Cheshire East Council for coach parking at the bus stationTown CentreTown Clerk31/12/2023
TOW14TC5Develop an annual programme of business support workshops for local businesses Town CentreTown Centre Manager31/12/2023
COM2C1Develop a forward plan with stakeholders to further understand issues in relation to acess to services in St John's Wood ward and how they will be addressed.CommunityTown Clerk08/01/2024
EVE07C5Launch the Young Artist of the Year Competition as part of the Knutsford Art TrailEventsEvents Manager31/01/2024
PLA05H3Agree the timetable for public consultation on the Heathfield Square, St John’s, Town Centre and Cross Town reviews.PlanningPlanning and Facilities Officer31/01/2024
TOW15S5Develop an agreed scheme for the renovation of the market hallTown CentreTown Clerk31/01/2024
ENV24T7Review existing speed limits in Knutsford and put forward proposals for change under the CEC Speed Management StrategyEnvironmentTown Clerk05/02/2024
ENV05H3Develop an information leaflet for residents of the Legh Road Conservation Area following its formal adoptionEnvironmentPlanning and Facilities Officer28/02/2024
ENV26E1Identify the various stakeholders for green spaces and develop a targeted consultation to inform the development of a Green Spaces Strategy EnvironmentTown Clerk28/02/2024
EVE04C5Host the Bunny Hop EventsEvents Manager30/03/2024
ASS06S5Council Offices sub-committee to develop a phased programme for renovationAssetsTown Clerk 31/03/2024
COM10C9Proactively develop the e-newsletter database to reach 1,500 resident subscribersCommunityCommunications Officer31/03/2024
COM18S3Undertake a targeted consultation with young people to understand what services and facilities they would like to have access to. CommunityTown Clerk31/03/2024
ENV06H3Develop an action plan for addressing the actions raised in the management plans of each conservation areaEnvironmentPlanning and Facilities Officer31/03/2024
ENV07H3Explore the creation of an information leaflet for residents of the other four Conservation AreasEnvironmentPlanning and Facilities Officer31/03/2024
PLA07H4Undertake a review of planning decisions for heritage assets over the past twelve months to identify learning points from CEC Planning Officer reportsPlanningPlanning and Facilities Officer31/03/2024
PLA08H4Develop proposals for an updated Local List of Heritage AssetsPlanningPlanning and Facilities Officer31/03/2024
TOW11TC4Implement the coach friendly town initiativeTown CentreTown Centre Manager31/03/2024
TOW17S5Secure a renewed licence for the operation of an outdoor marketTown CentreTown Clerk31/03/2024
ENV12T1Develop an Active Travel Infrastructure PlanEnvironmentTown Clerk28/02/2025