Adam Keppel-Green, Town Clerk

Adam Keppel-Green FSLCC

Town Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer

Adam joined the Town Council in 2012, starting as the Deputy Town Clerk and Town Centre Manager and becoming Town Clerk in 2014. Adam is responsible for overseeing all council matters, developing strategy across all council activity and managing the council’s staff. As RFO Adam is also responsible for the management of the council’s finances.

Adam is a Fellow of the Society of Local Council Clerks and has obtained both CiLCA and the Communtiy Governance FdA.

Bob Allen

Bob Allen

Planning and Facilities Officer

Bob joined the council in 2020, leading on the management of the council’s role as a planning consultee including monitoring of the Neighbourhood Plan. Bob supports the management of the council’s assets and manages the council’s grounds and maintenance team.

Bob leads on projects such as delivering the Nature Action Plan and a range of other ad hoc projects.

Sandra Curties, Town Centre Manager

Sandra Curties

Town Centre Manager

Sandra first started working at the council in 2017-2021 and after a short break returned as Town Centre Manager in 2022. Sandra’s role is to support the economic vitality of the town centre – working closely with the business community on initiatives to promote footfall, managing the Market Hall and promoting tourism.

Sandra works part time (24hrs): Tuesday – Thursday.

Laura Phillipson

Laura Phillipson

Events Manager

Laura joined the Town Council in 2023, initially as Civic Events Officer and shortly progressing to this role where she  manages the council’s popular events programme and organises events including the three-day Knutsford Music Festival, Knutsford Pumpkin Path and Knutsford Christmas Weekend. Laura also works with external event organisers in the town to facilitate other events in Knutsford.

Laura works part time (24hrs): Monday – Thursday.

Laura Anderson

Laura Anderson

Communications Officer

Laura joined the council in 2023 in a new role of Communications Officer. Her role includes supporting Sandra with the promotion of the town and town centre initiatives, maintaining council noticeboards and supporting an improvement in the council’s external communications.

Laura works part time (16hrs): Wednesday to Friday

Gemma Jackson

Gemma Jackson

Civic Events Officer

Gemma joined the council in September 2023 and works with the Town Mayor to plan a programme of charitable fundraising events for the Mayor’s chosen charities. Gemma coordinates mayoral invitations and organises the council’s civic events including Remembrance Sunday and the Crib Service.

Gemma works part time (22.5hrs): Tuesday – Friday.

A photo of Alex Molloy wearing a grey jumper

Alex Molloy

Events Officer

Alex joined the council in September 2023 and works with Laura to deliver the council’s community events programme, working on events such as the Music Festival, Pumpkin Path and Christmas Market.

Alex works part time (16hrs): Wednesday to Thursday. 

Karen Billington

Karen Billington

Administration and Support Officer

Karen joined the council in 2022 and provides support across a number of the council’s services including the administration of Knutsford Cemetery and debtor management. Karen provides a welcome to visitors and callers at the Council Offices and supports other officers in a range of duties.

Karen works part time (12hrs): Monday to Wednesday (morning).

Jeanette Hine

Jeanette Hine

Administration and Support Officer

Jeanette is joining the council in May 2023 and will provide support across the full range of council services, from burial administration to Taste Knutsford tours. Jeanette will provide a welcome to visitors and callers to the Council Offices, support the financial administration of the council and generally help the rest of the team work efficiently.

Sabrina Cowley

Market Cleaner

Sabrina started as the market cleaner in 2022 and her role is to ensure the Market Hall is cleaned ready for opening each day.

Sabrina works part time (6 hours)

Bob Garner

Bob Garner

Town Ranger

Bob joined the Town Council in 2018 with the mission to make Knutsford a cleaner and tidier place.

He undertakes a wide range of duties from litter-picking, bench refurbishment, tending to Wallwood, cleaning road signs and much more. If you spot a grot spot in town it could be something the Town Ranger can help with!

Bob works part time (average 31hrs).

Ray Mills

Ray Mills


Ray joined us in 2022 and looks after our buildings, including the Market Hall, Council Offices and Chapel. Ray undertakes the cleaning, sets rooms up for hire and undertakes a range of maintenance and compliance duties to ensure our buildings are safe and well looked after.

This is a part time role (average 18.5 hours)

Fergal Owens

Fergal Owens

Cemetery Groundskeeper

Fergal joined the team in 2020 as the council’s first cemetery groundskeeper. Fergal is charged with maintaining the cemetery grounds, preparing cremated remains interments and delivering improvements in line with the council’s ambition to have the best cemetery in Cheshire.

Fergal works part time (average 32.5 hours)


Knutsford Town Council staffing structure has 14 members of staff, three of which are full time and eleven are part time – we have the equivalent of 8.5 full time staff.


In accordance with the Local Government Transparency code, the council publishes the pay multiple: the ratio between the median and highest paid members of staff based on full time equivalent salaries. The Council’s pay multiple is 1.88. The highest salary (FTE) is £52,707 per annum and the lowest £25,119.