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Consultation Meetings for Town Centre Masterplan

Knutsford Town Council is launching a consultation on proposals for changes to Town Centre Traffic and Parking arrangements as the first stage of developing a Town Centre Masterplan.

The council’s Town Centre Masterplan Working Group, which comprises local residents, businesses and councillors, has prepared proposals for a limited-vehicle access scheme for the Town Centre. The scheme aims to reduce the volume of traffic on King and Princess Streets whilst maintaining access to all homes, businesses and car parks.

The bold proposals include creating new pedestrian squares at Canute Place and outside Lost and Found on Princess Street as well as the development of well-designed multi-storey car parks to increase parking. The proposals also include creating an access to Princess Street directly from the A50 through the car park behind Waitrose.

Town Clerk, Adam Keppel-Green said, “These proposals form the first part of developing an overall master plan for Knutsford Town Centre with the overriding aim of ensuring we have a town centre which continues to flourish. These proposals focus on the mechanics of the town centre, and future work on the masterplan will look at issues such as pavement and road surfaces”

Public consultation events are being held on Tuesday 4th February (6:30pm) and Wednesday 5th February (2pm) in Knutsford Methodist Church. Town Centre residents and businesses were invited to preview the proposals at events held this week and the Town Council hopes to engage as many stakeholders as possible to garner their views on the proposals.

The consultation commences on Wednesday 5th February when full details will be published on the Town Council website. The consultation runs to March 13th.

You can view the consultation page here: Town Centre Masterplan Consultation

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Town Council responds to airport Noise Action Plan consultation

Knutsford Town Council has responded to the Manchester Airport consultation on its new Noise Action Plan to cover the period 2019-2023. The plan is described as its ‘strategy for reducing aircraft noise to reduce impacts on communities living around the Airport’

The Town Council’s Airport working group prepared a response to the consultation with local experts on airport operations.

The Town Council considers that further actions should be taken in all areas of the plan and that the new Action Plan does not fulfil the Airport’s obligations to reduce the harmful health effects of noise, especially at night time.

With an increasing number of flights arriving and departing from the airport, retaining a fixed percentage restriction on total movements allows for increased noise disturbance to residents within the maximum quota count which has not yet been reached. The Town Council is asking for this number to reduce, particularly in relation to the use of Runway 2 at night, removing pricing incentives which entice the no frills airlines to make flights at night during the summer.

Residents living within the 63dB contour are currently eligible for the Sound Insulation Grant scheme. The Town Council also requests a programme of works to reduce to impact of noise discernible at ground level to those who live within the 54dB contour.

The council has suggested that the Airport commissions independent specialists to measure and report its performance against its legislative and regulatory requirements each year, as this would ensure openness and transparency on quality assured data in the future.

The consultation on the Draft Noise Action Plan runs until Tuesday 21st August. Further information can be found at

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Town Council Responds to Local Plan Consultation

The Town Council met at a specially convened meeting on Tuesday 29th March 2016 to agree its response to the consultation on the revisions to the Local Plan Strategy and as part of the consultation response repeated comments made to the Inspector in September 2015 supporting the North Cheshire Growth Village.

The Town Council is determined to maintain the character of Knutsford as a thrivingand picturesque historic market town, and a valuable key service centre for the area. The Town Council also understands the pressures of population growth and the current housing shortage. Therefore, whilst the Town Council would have been happier with the 650 houses allocated in the 2014 submission version of the local plan, it looks at the allocation of 950 contained within the current draft as a proposal “it can live with” and control with the help of a Neighbourhood Plan to maintain the character of the town.

You can view our full consultation response here: Response to CEC Local Plan Consultation

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Knutsford Children’s Centre Consulation

The Town Council has published it’s response to the Cheshire East Consultation on the de-designation/closure of Knutsford Children’s Centre.

The issue was debated at length at the Town Council meeting on January 11th, where representatives of Cheshire East Council attended the Town Council to provide more information and answer questions. It was agreed that the Town Council must respond to the consultation and a working group of councillors was set up to draft the response. Councillors Christine Gray, Christopher Gray, Andrew Malloy and James Power undertook a great deal of research to provide a robust and thorough response to the consultation.

“The Town Council is fundamentally and strongly opposed to the closure of the Children’s Centre or any diminution of the current level of service provided” the report highlights.

“Whilst it is acknowledged that Knutsford is considered to be an affluent town, there are families throughout the town and within the surrounding rural areas who rely on and use the Children’s Centre services”.

Councillors received a number of letters in support of the Children’s Centre which it has appended to its response, demonstrating the value seen in the service from local residents.

The report can be downloaded here: Children’s Centre Consultation Response

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Consultation on Roll of Honour

Knutsford Town Council has published the proposed Roll of Honour for the new central war memorial and is asking the public to review the list to ensure no-one is missed.Working with the Knutsford Royal British Legion the Town Council is planning to create a new war memorial in the Library Garden in commemoration of the centenary of World War I.

War Memorial Proposal

An early depiction of the statue in the proposed location. The actual new plinth is likely to be much larger to include the names.

Having received overwhelming support from the public on the plans through a consultation in 2015 the Town Council has been furthering the plans which it hopes could see the new memorial in place in 2016.

“It’s ambitious, but if all goes to plan we hope to be in a position to have the memorial ready for 2016” said Town Clerk, Adam Keppel-Garner.

The new memorial, which will feature the statue of Haron Baronian currently outside the Memorial Hospital on Northwich Road, will have the roll of honour engraved into a new plinth.

“Our priority now is to ensure the roll of honour is correct and whilst we are quite confident that it is comprehensive are asking the public to review the list and let us know of any we might have missed.”  Adam added.

As well as those who gave their lives in the two World Wars, the new memorial will also include the names of those who have died in subsequent conflicts.

Town Mayor, Tony Dean added “I would like to thank Derek Empson and Sylvia Chaplin for their hard work researching and compiling this roll of honour and encourage everyone who lost family in conflict, who had a Knutsford connection, to review the lists”

The proposed roll of honour can be viewed here The closing date is 29th February.

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Town Centre War Memorial Consultation

War Memorial ProposalThe Town Council is working with the Knutsford Royal British Legion to establish a new central War Memorial for Knutsford as a key part of the commemoration of the centenary of the First World War. A working group of Councillors and representatives of the Knutsford RBL have been working to develop plans and are pleased to announce a consultation on the proposals.

Supporting the consultation is a run of three engagement events at the Old Town Hall on the 20/21/22 February from 10am to 4pm.

The Proposal

The Town Council and Knutsford Royal British Legion propose to relocate the Haron Baronian statue, currently at the Memorial Cottage Hospital on Northwich Road to the Library Gardens to create a new War Memorial.

The working group investigated a number of potential sites in the town centre, including the Little Heath and Wallwood among many others, and settled upon the Library Gardens as the best site. The primary reasons for the Library site is that it offers security for the important statute and would provide a suitable memorial garden and space for remembrance services.

War Memorial Side ViewAbout the Statue and Haron Baronian

The statue is one of Haron Baronian, a Private who served in the Cheshire Regiment during World War I. He was the second son of Zarch Baronian of Brae Cottage, Legh Road. Haron enlisted as a solider in 1915 and was killed in action on April 11 1917, aged 21.

The sculpture was commissioned by the Baronian family and sculpted by Sir Hamo Thornycroft RA. It is one of only six memorial statues in the country where the figure depicted is the likeness of a known servicemen.

The statue was originally in the Baronian family’s private garden at Brae Cottage, before being temporarily relocated to a small garden at Booth Hall.

In 1977, Haron’s only surviving sister, Queenie, agreed that the statue was in future to commemorate both Haron and all from Knutsford who fell in action in both World Wars. At this time, the statue was installed in its present location at the Memorial Cottage Hospital on Northwich Road.

The working group have discussed the proposals with Haron’s only surviving family members who are happy to see the statue be dedicated as a memorial to all those from Knutsford who gave their lives in service of their country during the wars.

Why Relocate the Statue?

The statue is an important part of Knutsford’s history, created by a renowned sculptor.

Both the Town Council and the RBL believe a central location will increase public access to the statue and that forming a new town centre memorial is a fitting commemoration of the centenary.

The RBL has a duty of care for the statue and with the future of the Memorial Cottage Hospital uncertain, there is the additional benefit that relocation provides additional protection for the statue.


The Town Council has been awarded a grant of £8,000 from Cheshire East Council and will seek to secure additional funding from other bodies. The Town Council has also set aside £10,000 towards the project.


The aim of the Town Council and Royal British Legion is to relocate the Haron Baronian statue to the town centre by 2018 – subject to the results of this consultation.

The photos, showing the statue on a new plinth in the Library Gardens are only illustrative. The Town Council and RBL would like to incorporate the names of the fallen from Knutsford as part of the new memorial and have two options:

  • Incorporate the names on the plinth
  • Incorporate the names on metal plaques; mounted to the rear wall


Please click the link below to complete the short consultation on these proposals. The consultation runs until March 13th.

Complete the Consultation Survey

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King Street Enhancements

Members of the public are being asked for their views on plans to turn King Street in Knutsford into a more vibrant public space by upgrading the road and pavements.

A design concept has been drawn up showing how the enhancement works would improve the street while remaining sympathetic with its heritage.

Councillor Michael Jones, Leader of Cheshire East Council, said: “Your views are very important to us. We would like to know what you think of the proposals and to hear your opinions on the materials that could be used. You can let us know by attending one of the public engagement events or visiting the exhibition in Knutsford Library.”

The engagement events will be drop-in sessions where everyone will have the opportunity to view the current design concept, look at the material options and finishes, and speak to the project team. The events will be held at the Curzon Cinema on:

  • Wednesday December 3, 4pm to 8pm
  • Saturday December 6, 10am to 4pm

For those who are unable to attend the engagement events, the design concept will be on show at an exhibition in Knutsford Library from November 29 to December 13.

Councillor Jones added: “The shops and businesses on King Street are a great asset to Cheshire East and the street merits and deserves enhancement works.

“We want to create a space which will be enjoyed by Knutsford residents while also attracting visitors and enabling businesses in the locality to thrive.

“By better balancing the needs of pedestrians and vehicles, the changes aim to encourage more footfall and more passing trade for businesses.

“I am particularly pleased that local residents have volunteered to use their professional skills to help the council develop these exciting plans.”

It is proposed that the scheme would use high quality materials and create a look which complements the local architectural and historic setting. The changes would improve access for people whose mobility is impaired by making the street easier to use. The improvements seek to retain as much on-street parking as possible.

For more information, visit the Cheshire East Council website.

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