From 7th May 2021, the council is unable to hold virtual Council and Committee meetings due to the withdrawal of the enabling legislation. Until such time as the council considers it safe to hold in person meetings, we have suspended our meeting schedule. To ensure that our business can continue, we have delegated authority to the Town Clerk to make any necessary decisions. During this period, we will hold informal working group meetings virtually Рthese meetings will enable councillors to discuss matters and provide guidance to the Town Clerk on the exercise of the delegated authority. These meetings will be open to the public on Zoom, streamed via Facebook and have  time set aside for the public to raise questions or comments.


Below you can find the dates, agendas and minutes of our meetings. Agendas are uploaded approximately 1 week prior to a meeting and the minutes approximately one week after.

10/05/20216:00pmPlanning Working GroupAgendaMinutes
10/05/20217:30pmAll Member Working GroupAgendaMinutes
17/05/20217:00pmEvents Working GroupAgendaMinutes
24/05/20217:00pmEnvironment Working GroupAgendaMinutes
25/05/20217:00pmPersonnel Working GroupAgendaMinutes
07/06/20216:00pmPlanning Working GroupAgendaMinutes
07/06/20217:30pmFinance Working GroupAgendaMinutes
14/06/20217:00pmAssets Working GroupAgendaMinutes
28/06/20216:00pmPlanning Working GroupAgenda
05/07/20217:00pmAll Member Working GroupAgenda
12/07/20217:00pmEvents Working GroupAgenda
14/07/20217:00pmPlanning Working Group (Longridge Development)Agenda
19/07/20216:00pmPlanning Working GroupAgenda
19/07/20217:30pmEnvironment Working GroupAgenda
19/07/20217:00pmPersonnel Working GroupAgenda
26/07/20217:00pmFinance Working GroupAgenda
02/08/20217:00pmAssets Working GroupAgenda


We hope to resume our ordinary meeting calendar from 19th July.

05/05/20217:00pmAnnual Town CouncilAgendaMinutes (DRAFT)
06/05/20217:00pmAssets and Operations CommitteeAgendaMinutes (DRAFT)
06/09/20216:00pmPlanning Committee
06/09/20217:30pmTown Council
13/09/20217:00pmEvents Committee
20/09/20217:00pmEnvironment Committee
21/09/20217:00pmPersonnel Committee
27/09/20216:00pmPlanning Committee
27/09/20217:30pmAssets and Operations Committee
04/10/20217:00pmFinance Committee
18/10/20216:00pmPlanning Committee
01/11/20217:00pmTown Council
08/11/20216:00pmPlanning Committee
08/11/20217:30pmEvents Committee
15/11/20217:00pmEnvironment Committee
22/11/20217:00pmAssets and Operations Committee
23/11/20217:00pmPersonnel Committee
29/11/20216:00pmPlanning Committee
29/11/20217:30pmFinance Committee
20/12/20216:00pmPlanning Committee
10/01/20226:00pmPlanning Committee
10/01/20227:30pmTown Council
17/01/20227:00pmAssets and Operations Committee
24/01/20227:00pmEvents Committee
25/01/20227:00pmPersonnel Committee
31/01/20226:00pmPlanning Committee
31/01/20227:30pmFinance Committee
07/02/20227:00pmEnvironment Committee
21/02/20226:00pmPlanning Committee
07/03/20227:00pmTown Council
14/03/20226:00pmPlanning Committee
14/03/20227:30pmAssets and Operations Committee
21/03/20227:00pmEvents Committee
22/03/20227:00pmPersonnel Committee
28/03/20227:00pmFinance Committee
04/04/20226:00pmPlanning Committee
04/04/20227:30pmEnvironment Committee
25/04/20226:00pmPlanning Committee
09/05/20227:00pmAnnual Town Council (Mayor Making)


The minute pack PDFs may not be suitable for users of assistive technology. If you would like a set of minutes from a previous meeting in an alternative format please email