All of our meetings are open to the public. We are currently holding them online via Zoom and streaming them to our Facebook page.

Our meetings have time set aside for the public to raise questions or comments. You just need to connect in via Zoom and ‘raise your hand’ when invited to do so and we’ll bring you in (audio only) to address the meeting.


Below you can find the dates, agendas and minutes of our meetings. Agendas are uploaded approximately 1 week prior to a meeting and the minutes approximately one week after.

09/11/20207:00pmTown CouncilAgendaMinutes (DRAFT)
09/11/20207:45pmEvents CommitteeAgendaMinutes
16/11/20207:00pmEvents CommitteeAgendaMinutes (DRAFT)
17/11/20206:30pmFinance CommitteeAgenda
23/11/20206:00pmPlanning CommitteeAgenda
23/11/20207:00pmTown CouncilAgenda
30/11/20207:00pmEnvironment Committee
07/12/20207:00pmTown Council
14/12/20206:00pmPlanning Committee
14/12/20207:00pmAssets and Operations Committee
04/01/20216:00pmPlanning Committee
04/01/20217:00pmTown Council
11/01/20217:00pmEvents Committee
19/01/20206:30pmFinance Committee
18/01/20217:00pmAssets and Operations Committee
25/01/20216:00pmPlanning Committee
25/01/20217:00pmEnvironment Committee
15/02/20216:00pmPlanning Committee
01/03/20217:00pmTown Council
02/03/20216:30pmFinance Committee
08/03/20216:00pmPlanning Committee
08/03/20217:00pmAssets and Operations Committee
15/03/20217:00pmEvents Committee
22/03/20217:00pmEnvironment Committee
29/03/20216:00pmPlanning Committee
14/04/20217:00pmAnnual Town Meeting and Town Awards
19/04/20216:00pmPlanning Committee
19/04/20217:00pmAssets and Operations Committee
27/04/20216:30pmFinance Committee
10/05/20217:00pmTown Council (Mayor Making)