We look after a number of benches, items of street furniture, public art and historic assets. Here’s a summary of what we do.


We maintain a number of benches across the town to provide a place to meet and rest. All of our benches are regularly inspected, revarnished and repainted. Below is the list of benches we look after and other benches are likely maintained by Cheshire East Council. If you spot a problem with a bench in Knutsford, just let us know!

  • Rest Area near St John’s Church, Toft Road (2)
  • King Street, near St John’s Church (2)
  • Rachel Bloor Garden, Toft Road (2)
  • Paradise Green, Bexton Road (2)
  • Canute Place Island (2)
  • Council Offices
  • Canute Place Roundabout
  • Ash Court, King Edward Road (2)
  • Wallwood (6)
  • King Street entrance to Tatton Park
  • Green, Westfield Drive
  • Knutsford Cemetery (7)
  • Green, Gloucester Road
  • Open Space, Highlands Way
  • Wooden Bench, The Barncroft
  • Wooden Bench, Library Garden
  • Green, Hollow Lane
A noticeboard full of posters


Whilst many of us are on the internet there is still a role for the trusty noticeboard to communicate with the town.

We maintain four noticeboards:

  • Town Council Offices
  • The Moor
  • Longridge
  • Princess Street

Our statutory notices are displayed at the Council Office noticeboard, this includes formal notice of meetings and election notices.

If you have a community notice to display on one of our noticeboards please email enquiries@knutsfordtowncouncil.gov.uk. We will not display any business adverts. Friends of the Moor maintain a second noticeboard on the Moor.


The 2010 Town Plan suggested maps be installed in the town centre to help visitors find their way around. We installed the first maps in 2013 and updated them in 2019.

We have six maps across the town centre where you can also pick up a paper copy of the map. The maps were fully funded by sponsorship from our local town centre businesses.

All maps feature a ‘you are here’ way finder. You can find the maps at the following locations:

  • Canute Place
  • Tatton St car park
  • Railway station,
  • Bus station
  • King St car park
  • Princess Street
A large map of Knutsford Town Centre


There are 17 commemorative blue plaques across Knutsford and since 2014 we have operated a blue plaque scheme to govern their installation. Our most recent installation was for Heathfield Square, recognising their history as the first council estate in Knutsford.

You can view details of the blue plaques here: Knutsford Blue Plaques

The Knutsford Jubilee Arch


Designed as a lasting tribute to for the diamond jubilee of HM The Queen in 2012, the specially commissioned Jubilee Arch forms the entrance to the Library Gardens and was designed by local artist Christine Wilcox-Baker.

The arch depicts two horses, both recognising the Queen’s love for horses and the Knutsford races which were historically held around the Heath. Six flags of bunting can be seen from each side, each representing a decade of Her Majesty’s reign. The centre of the arch is a crown marking the year and featuring a central glass diamond.

Old postcard showing the obelisk


Built in 1745, the obelisk on Chelford Road was built by the Leghs of Booths Hall. The stone either comes from the original Booths Hall or from St Helena’s Church, both of which were demolished around this time. The top features a stone urn with flowers/flames which is believed to be from the church as it is ascribed to Ralph Leycester of Toft Hall.

The Grade II listed obelisk and green were adopted by the Town Council in 2020. The obelisk is undergoing repairs in December.


In 2015 the town council renovated the cast iron  fingerposts to help direct visitors around the town centre. We look after four finger posts (Canute Place, Princess Street, King Edward Road and Malt Street) directing visitors to Tatton Park, the Heritage Centre, the Heath and the Moor, the Market Hall, public toilets, railway and bus station, cinema, library, council offices and Brook Street Chapel.

A sculpture of King Canute in the council office gardens, with a tree


In 2012 the Cheshire Gardens Trust designed a show garden for the RHS Tatton Flower Show which featured a specially made sculpture of King Canute.

The sculpture was designed by former Tatton Park artist-in-residence Christine Wilcox-Baker and is fabricated in stainless steel from section, mesh and sheet. It was donated to the Town Council and installed in the Council Office gardens in 2014.

A wooden pump in front of a row of white cottages


Probably dating back to the early 1800s, the Over Knutsford Parish Pump (located on Chelford Road) was adopted and renovated by the council in 2016.

The pump is a Grade II listed building, and features the original cast iron water pump with lead pipe and stone through. The wooden case was replaced as part of renovations.


The K6 kiosk was introduced by the General Post Office in 1935 and are an iconic feature of towns and villages across the country. To prevent them being lost, the town council has adopted three of the kiosks from BT.

We maintain the kiosks on Woodlands Drive, Sparrow Lane and King Street (one, the other remains in use and maintained by BT)

We have installed a defibrillator in the Woodlands Drive kiosk and are working with the Knutsford Community First Responder Trust who will be installing a defibrillator in King Street.