History of the Council

Annie Jayne Leigh Chairman of Knutsford Urban District Council 1924-1926 and 1928-1929

Annie Jayne Leigh
Chairman of Knutsford Urban District Council
1924-1926 and 1928-1929

Knutsford Town Council was formed in 1974, as part of the changes brought into effect by the Local Government Act of 1972. This saw the end of the Knutsford Urban District Council, which had governed Knutsford since 1895. The Town Council has always had offices in the Council Offices on Toft Road. This building was formerly the Prison Governor’s house, and was purchased by the Urban District Council. The offices are also home to the Council Chamber, where meetings were traditionally held; unfortunately due to accessibility issues the room is no longer used for meetings.

Knutsford Urban District Council

Knutsford Urban District Council were responsible for a large range of functions within the Town. The Council oversaw the construction of Tabley Road Cemetery and Chapel, the public Library and numerous Council Houses. The Council was also responsible for roads, sewerage and a range of other functions which are now under the jurisdiction of Cheshire East Council.

The Urban District Council first met on the 3rd of May 1895 at Egerton School, and duly elected the first Chairman of the Council, RC Longridge. The Urban District Council had offices in King Street, before moving into part of the newly constructed Kings Coffee House, which to this day bears the engraved name of the Council. The Kings Coffee House is still owned by Knutsford Town Council.

Chairmen of Knutsford Urban District Council

1895-98R Longridge1938/39E Thomas1958-59J Walley
1898-02F Ashworth1939-40A Percy1959-60W Shaw
1902-09L Bentley1940-41W Shaw1960-61J Bancroft
1909-20J Cox1941-42E Waldron1961-63M Chorlton
1920-24 M Penn1942-43J Norbury1963-64J Gledhill
1924-26 A Leigh1943-44P Harwood1964J Kendrick
1926-28F Wildgoose1944-47F Johnson1964-65J Walley
1928-30A Leigh1946-47A Percy1965-66I Stevenson
1929-31W Johnson1947-49F Floyd1966-67R Shepherd
1931-32H Darlington1949-50A Percy1967-68G Butler
1932-33 W Fisher1950-51E Thomas1968-69H Fish
1933-34 F Jennings1951-52H Darlington1969-70M Chorlton
1934-35H Stell1952-54A Hart1970-71G Whalley
1935-36T Beswick1954-55F Floyd1971-72F Atkins
1936-37S Cake1955-57T Meachin1972-73D Page
1937-38G Mason1957-58J Gledhill1973-74H Glidewell

Knutsford Town Mayors

The title of Town Mayor was given to the first Chairman of the newly formed Town Council in 1974, as first citizen of Knutsford the Mayor represents the Town at a range of civic functions, and is invested with a chain of office.

1974/75R Parr1990/91H Grange2006/07A Ranfield
1975/76R Shepherd1991/92J Jordan2007/08J Nicholson
1976/77W Walker1992/93J Holbrook2008/09J Holbrook
1977/78J Walley1993/94B Austin2009/10L Want
1978/79J Gledhill1994/95D Squirrel2010/11P Coan
1979/80S O'Brien1995/96D Davies2011/12S Gardiner
1980/81V Young1996/97J Holbrook2012/13V Davies
1981/82M Page1997/98D Squirrel2013/14B Coan
1982/83H Grange1998/99H Gates2014/15N Forbes
1983/84A Mazzeo1999/00H Grange2015/16T Dean
1984/85B Crossley2000/01J Holbrook2016/17J Nicholson
1985/86B Phibbs2001/02G Walton2017/18N Forbes
1986/87S Forbes2002/03A Ranfield2018/19P Coan
1987/88K Fairhurst2003/04V Boston-Davies2019/20A Malloy
1988/89M Howarth2004/05B Austin
1989/90M Page2005/06W Hamman

Town Clerks


Edward Ashworth
Town Clerk
1895 – 1923

1895-1923Edward Ashworth
1923-1929Harry Caldecutt
1929-1946John Yates
1947-1977Edward Morley
1977-1986Eric Yeomans
1987-1997Alan Jackson
1997-2003Gay Martyniuk
2003-2008Linda Thomas
2008-2011Matthew Jackson
2011-2013Steve McQuade
2014-Adam Keppel-Green

The first Town Clerk was Edward Lewis Ashworth, who was appointed on May 14th 1895 with a salary of £40 per year. Edward Morley, who was Clerk for 30 years, was the Clerk to both the Urban District Council and the Town Council.