We recognise that petitions are one way in which people can let the council know their concerns. We’ll treat something as a petition if it looks like it is intended to be one e.g. that it calls upon the council to do something and is signed by ten people.

We only consider signatories as valid if they are from residents of Knutsford. Petitions should:

  • Include a clear and concise statement covering the subject of the petition and the action you wish the council to take
  • Include the name, address and signature of anyone supporting the petition
  • Be accompanied by contact details for a petition organiser.

If a petition has more than 100 identifiable signatures it will be put forward for debate at the next suitable council or committee meeting. The organiser of the petition will be given time to present the petition at the meeting.

Petitions with between 10 and 99 signatures will be reviewed by the council to determine the appropriate course of action which may include debate at a meeting.

Recent Petitions

P1701 – Petition presented by Knutsford Residents in Over Ward (KROW)

This petition called on the Town Council to outline objections to the sale/disposal of public open space on Longridge which was proposed by Cheshire East Council. It was considered by the Town Council on September 18th 2017.

The Council resolved to apply to register the land as an asset of community value, to object to the disposal of the land and creation of any road and is continued to progress the matter with Cheshire East Council.

P1801 – Petition presented by Clive Ganczarski 

This petition calls on the Town Council to ensure that all new events planned on Knutsford Heath stay within the law. It was considered by the Town Council on March 5th 2018.

The Council resolved to seek to develop guidance for events which are planned on the heath and is now working with Friends of the Heath and the Tatton Estate to achieve this.