The Town Council operates two Speed Indicator Device (SID) and deploys them across the town to help tackle speeding. We got our second SID in August 2022 and they go out together monitoring both directions.

The SID is an active reminder to drivers of the speed limit of the road, where drivers exceed the limit they are advised to slow down. Studies have shown that this has a positive effect and helps reduce speeding.

The SID also records data – whenever it is activated it records the speed, date and time. This allows the council to identify how much of a problem speeding is on a road and if there are particular times in the day where the problem is most severe. This data is shared with the Police to direct formal speed enforcement and can be used to justify further speed reduction measures.

We deploy the SID for a three week period which is both a good period to capture speeding data and means we can cover a greater number of areas with a single device. SIDs can also be more effective where they don’t become something drivers are used to in a certain location.

If you believe speeding is a problem on the road you live on, you can email to request the SID be deployed. You can also make a request through your town council ward councillors.


Chelford Road

The future locations for the SIDs are:

  • Manchester Road
  • Legh Road
  • Mereheath Road
  • Garden Road
  • Manor Park North