There are three allotment sites in Knutsford; two owned by the Town Council (Warren Avenue and Sparrow Lane) and one privately owned by Tatton Estate Management (Mereheath Lane). All allotment sites are managed by the Knutsford Allotment Society.

Taking on an allotment is a huge commitment, requiring considerable investment in time and energy but the rewards, even if just measured in fresh air and fresh produce, more than compensate for the effort. If you want to know more about taking on an allotment, visit the National Allotment Society website:

Allotment Sites

Warren Avenue – 23 plots

Sparrow Lane – 41 plots

Mereheath Lane – 32 plots


The Knutsford Allomtment Society is an independent body which manages Knutsford’s allotments on behalf of Knutsford Town Council and Tatton Estates. The committee comprises of a chairman, treasurer, secretary and site representatives for the 3 sites. The society has been in existence for well over 35 years and all plot holders are members. The society holds an AGM every autumn which all plot holders are encouraged to attend and the committee are voted in at this meeting for the following year.

The society manages the waiting list and waiting times are long, typically 5 years for Mereheath Lane and Sparrow Lane and 2 years for Warren Avenue. Priority is given to Knutsford residents.

To join the waiting list or for any more information, please email the Allotment Society secretary on

For more information, visit the society website: