The 15 town councillors with the town mayor at the centre

100 actions to deliver on plan

Knutsford Town Council has set out the 100 actions it will be delivering by May 2024 as the first action plan under its new 10-year strategy.

In June, the Town Council adopted a new 10 year plan to guide its work through to 2032. The strategy sets out the core aims and objectives of the council for the ensuing decade. Work on creating the new strategy started in summer 2022 with public engagement sessions where the community was asked to identify the key issues that needed attention in the Town. A further consultation was held in spring 2023, with a draft plan presented for feedback.

“In developing our new strategy we wanted to ensure it carried the voice of the community throughout, so the entire plan is built on the feedback we received from those who took part in our two consultations” said Town Clerk, Adam Keppel-Green.

The plan sets out six strategic aims for the council:

  1. Knutsford Town Centre will be a thriving and unique destination for residents and visitors alike
  2. We will enable residents to choose to reduce their reliance on cars by improving the desirability of walking, cycling and using public transport
  3. Knutsford will have a diverse network of green spaces, a biodiverse natural environment and a reduced carbon footprint
  4. Knutsford’s heritage will be understood, conserved and celebrated
  5. We will lead a strong, connected community with a thriving community spirit and civic pride
  6. Knutsford residents will have access to the services and facilities they need to live happy and healthy lives.

Each aim is supported by a series of specific objectives which the council has already set out working to achieve. The council has restructured its committees to deliver the plan, and each committee has been tasked with developing detailed action plans for how it will turn words into actions.

Amongst the various objectives the council has committed to achieving are developing a town centre masterplan, creating an active travel plan and working to create new permissive walking routes, improving Knutsford’s green spaces, and expanding its Town Ranger service. The plan also sets out the council’s commitment to supporting the success of community groups and working to lobby external bodies to improve access to key services, such as working to deliver a new medical centre.

The council has now agreed its first 100 specific action for the current civic year. These include:

  • Launching a regular e-newsletter
  • Leading joint stakeholder meetings to agree a delivery plan for improved medical facilities
  • Developing a Green Spaces Strategy in partnership with local Friends groups
  • Concluding formal reviews of the town’s Conservation Areas
  • Commencing work on a Town Centre Masterplan and Active Travel Infrastructure Plan

The full action plan, including target dates, is available on the Town Council website at

Town Mayor, Cllr Peter Coan said “This plan is purposefully ambitious, and it is going to take a lot of work, but I am looking forward to working with my fellow councillors and our team of officers to make these actions a reality and help make Knutsford a better place for us all”

Cllr Mike Houghton stands by a bin branded as Knutsford Town Council's against a green leafy background

Community meeting on new council plan

Residents are invited to find out more about the Town Council’s draft strategic plan at a community meeting next week.

The council is currently consulting on its new strategy which will guide its work over the next ten years. The plan sets out five core aims of supporting the town centre, promoting active travel and public transport, improving open spaces and the environment, leading a strong community and ensuring access to services and facilities.

The public meeting takes place at 7pm on Wednesday 22nd February in Knutsford Methodist Church, where attendees will hear how the plan was developed and find out more about the council’s objectives for the next decade. The meeting will provide an opportunity for the public to question the council on the plan and provide feedback on the specific actions people would like to see the council deliver by 2032.

“We’re setting out a strategy to guide what we do over the next 10 years and provide a marker for the community to assess how well we are doing. We’re keen to hear from as many local residents, businesses and other stakeholders to ensure we are setting the right objectives for the town” said Town Clerk Adam Keppel-Green.

Those who cannot attend the meeting can read the plan online at plan or in Knutsford Library, The Welcome and the Market Hall.

Cllr Mike Houghton outside the Council Offices

Consultation launched on council’s strategic plan

A consultation has been launched on Knutsford Town Council’s draft strategy for the next ten years.

The strategic plan was developed following community consultation in Summer 2022, when the Town Council held a series of workshops and an online survey to hear from residents what they wanted to see the council address in the coming years.

The plan is an overarching strategy and intentionally doesn’t detail the solutions. It details the council’s core aims and objectives – how the council delivers on this will be set out as it progresses through the next decade.

The five strategic aims set out by the council are:

  • Supporting a thriving Town Centre
  • Promoting Active Travel
  • Leading a Strong Community
  • Improving Open Spaces and the Environment
  • Ensuring access to services and facilities

The aims are what the council will work towards in the long term and each is supported by a series of objectives which sets out how they will make these aims a reality. Each year the council will  produce specific action plans detailing what it will be doing to meet our objectives.

“This plan was built on the back of what we were told in our community engagement sessions last year and aims to ensure the council is addressing the needs and ambitions of the community” said Town Mayor, Cllr Mike Houghton. 

“Before the plan is adopted, we want to ensure it has your support. We want to hear from you again to tell us if you agree with our aims and objectives and to suggest what specific actions you believe the council should be undertaking to deliver them.”

The consultation runs until Friday 3rd March. The Town Council will then review all feedback and present a revised plan for adoption to the new council following the May 2023 elections.

The plan can be read online at and feedback provided by the accompanying feedback form. Comments can also be submitted by email to Paper copies of the plan and questionnaire can be found in Knutsford Library, The Welcome and Knutsford Market Hall. 

The council is also hosting an open forum on the strategy at 7pm on Wednesday 22nd February in Knutsford Methodist Church. At the meeting the council will talk through the development of the plan and answer any questions from the community.

Cllr Mike Houghton outside the Council Offices

Have your say on new 10 year council plan

Knutsford Town Council is inviting the community to come forward with what it wants to see the council delivering for it over the next ten years as part of its new strategic plan.


The council’s strategic plan will cover the 2022-2032 period and set out what the council aims to achieve for the community over this period.  The council is keen to ensure the plan is built on the back of the priorities of the local community so before setting its objectives is running a series of workshops to hear what the town’s residents want to see achieved for the town over the period.


The council is hosting five workshops to stimulate discussion and ensure it understands the priorities of the community. The workshops are being held at different times to maximise the ability for people to be able to attend:


  • Tuesday 28th June 11am – Egerton Place, Church Hill
  • Wednesday 29th June 7pm – The Welcome, Longridge
  • Thursday 30th June 7pm – Egerton Place
  • Saturday 2nd July 2pm – Egerton Place
  • Thursday 14th July 7pm – Online using Zoom


Those who cannot attend the workshops can also feed their priorities in via a survey on the council’s website which goes live on Monday 27th June.


All fifteen councillors have starred in a promotional video aiming to get the word out about the consultation and encouraging residents to participate. The video highlights some of the achievements of the council over the last ten years which have included making improvements at Knutsford Cemetery, delivering award winning public toilets and running community events.


Speaking in the video, Town Mayor Cllr Mike Houghton said “This is your opportunity to have a say on how the council can work to improve Knutsford for us all. Please take the time to engage as we really do want to hear what you think.”


The council’s strategic plan is not to be confused with the Cheshire East Local Plan or the Knutsford Neighbourhood Plan, both of which are planning documents. Instead, the council’s strategic (or corporate) plan will set out what the council itself aspires to achieve for the local community, whether that is through lobbying, delivering new services or improving town assets.


More information about the new strategic plan, the workshops and how to have a say online can be found at