Knutsford Town Council is a statutory organisation and the most local level of government for Knutsford. The council comprises 15 councillors who are elected every four years to represent the residents of the town.

The council operates within a legal framework with powers conferred by Acts of Parliament (such as the power to provide public open space through the Open Spaces Act 1906.) Since 2013 the Town Council has been able to exercise the ‘General Power of Competence’ which provides additional powers to do anything that an individual may generally do.

The council appoints a Town Clerk  and Responsible Financial Officer who is responsible for the effective running of the council, the management of staff and the delivery of services. The Town Clerk holds both CiLCA (Certificate in Local Council Administration) and a Foundation Degree in Community Governance.

The Town Council delegates the majority of its decision making powers to six standing committees. The committee system allows for more focused meetings and for councillors to focus on the areas in which they have the greatest interest or knowledge. Committees may also establish sub-committees.

The council may also establish establish working groups to research and develop ideas or oversee projects. These groups are governed by a terms of reference but informal – the meetings are not usually open to the public (and formal records of meetings are not usually kept) however they cannot make decisions on behalf of the council.

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Annual Reports

KTC Annual Report 2020/21

KTC Annual Report 2019/20

KTC Annual Report 2018/19

KTC Annual Report 2017/18

KTC Annual Report 2016/17

KTC Annual Report 2015/16

KTC Annual Report 2014/15

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Assets and Operations

Oversees the running of the council's business operations and the management of its land and buildings.


Promotion of community wellbeing and civic pride, including support for community groups, communications and social issues (healthcare, education, social beahviour etc)


Oversees the council's events programme.

Environment and Transport

Works to enhance the town's environment (natural and streetscape), the town's heritage and matters related to transport and active travel.


Oversees the council's finances and audit processes.


Oversees matters related to the council's workforce, setting policy and overseeing recruitment.


Responds to consultations on planning applications in Knutsford and oversees the Neighbourhood Plan.

Town Centre

Supporting the Town Centre, tourism and local economy