Flowers in Wallwood is very much a new ‘event’ in our Knutsford’s busy calendar.  It started in 2019 as a way of bringing local schools and nurseries together creatively to celebrate the RHS Tatton Show in the summer.

It starts with our Town Ranger making some ‘flowers’ from  wood and willow – a blank canvas for children to decorate.  These were then planted in Wallwood near the entrance to Tatton Park.  For 2019 the children used the theme from RHS Tatton which was ‘Eco’, and the results were extremely impressive.  Cork, bottle tops, milk bottle tops, tissue paper – everything that could be used was used.  Children from different school years worked together to create visually stunning flowers

These flowers were then ‘planted’ and officially unveiled by the Mayor of Knutsford and were visited by many over the summer, including the official RHS judges.  The flowers proved surprisingly resilient too surviving many a summer shower before they were collected by the Town Ranger and delivered back to the schools for their own permanent display.

The event was made possible by the kind sponsorship of Little Waitrose and Knutsford based Eleven Recruitment


When making the flowers, Bob the Ranger had to soak the willow in the bath at home!  This is to ensure the willow was flexible enough to be bent into flower petals and not snap.

We had to cancel the 2020 event due to Lockdown and the difficulty in sourcing the materials.

In 2021 we are looking to re-launch and expand the project to include care, nursing, and adult social care homes.  We may also ‘spread’ the flowers across the town centre making a little ‘flower trail’ in Knutsford for all to enjoy.