How the Council Operates

The Council operates a committee structure where the majority of decisions made are made by a committee. For more important decisions, such as creating new employment posts, taking on assets and setting the precept, the decision is made by the Full Council.

Most committees and the  Council meet every two months to consider matters as detailed on the agendas. There are rules specifying a minimum number of Councillors must be present in order for decisions to me made (quorum) which varies between 3 (Personnel and Planning ) and 5 (Assets and Full Council).

The Council employs the Town Clerk and other officers to carry out the decisions  routine administration of the Council. The Town Clerk is responsible for managing all other employees and ensuring the Council follows correct procedure and legislation.


Committees may from time to time establish working groups of Councillors. Working groups cannot make decisions on behalf of the Council and usually are established to research projects and make recommendations back to the parent committee.

Council and Committee meetings are open to the public to attend and time is set aside for members of the public to address the Council. You can also share your views by contacting your Councillors or the Town Clerk.



The Environment and General Purposes Committee is responsible for maintaining the Town’s environment. This covers things such as town centre benches and working with partners including Knutsford in Bloom and Cheshire East Council.


The Events and Town Management Committee is responsible for delivering a programme of events across the year both directly and with partners. They are also responsible for other activities designed to improve the economic vibrancy of Knutsford.

The Finance Committee is responsible for the management and oversight of all matters related to the Council finances. This includes the reviewing of applications to the Councils Community Grant Scheme.

Assets & Operations

The Assets and Operations Committee is responsible for the running of the Council’s businesses operations including the Council Offices, Allotments, Markets and Public Toilets.


The Personnel Committee is responsible for the oversight of all personnel related matters including recruitment and staff management.


The Planning and Licensing Committee is responsible for the Council’s function as a consultee on Planning applications, and submits responses to Cheshire East Council on all applications made within the town. It also responds to national planning consultations on behalf of the Town Council.

Working Groups

The Council or Committees may from time to time establish working groups to research and develop ideas or projects. Working groups are informal but governed by a terms of reference. Working groups cannot make decisions on behalf of the Council and usually comprise of around 3-4 councillors and an officer. Sometimes referred to as ‘task-and-finish’ groups as they generally disband after their work is complete. Working group meetings are not formally documented, but on occasion a memo of the outcomes of the meeting may be produced. For any queries contact the Town Clerk.