Millennium Bursary

The Millennium Education Bursary is an annual award made in partnership with the Knutsford Lions, to assist students who are on a Higher Education Course. During the Autumn Term each year, the Town Council invites applications from students who have commenced the second year of their studies that term. An award of £530 is made to assist with a specific project or dissertation, and applications are open to any student who resides in Knutsford or Toft.

Applicants should be prepared to submit the application form and a statement of no more than 200 words showing how the award would benefit their chosen course of study. Applicants are then invited to an interview with the three person panel.

Applications for the 2019 award are now open and close on 31st December.

Apply for the Bursary

To apply for the bursary please complete the form below.