Knutsford Town Council is the licensing authority for markets within Knutsford. The rights are established under the Food Act 1984 and were transferred to the council in 2014 from Cheshire East Council. Any market in Knutsford must have permission from the town council to be lawful.

The council’s rights extend 6 2/3 miles from Knutsford; however it is the policy of the council to only exercise this policy within the parish boundary. The council does however, reserve the right to exercise its rights outside of the parish and within its legal limit should the establishment of a new market outside the parish compete with markets in the parish of Knutsford.

The council’s consent to a market, by the grant of a market licence, must be given prior to the event taking place. Any market that takes place without such a licence is in breach of our markets policy and may be subject to enforcement action.


We classify markets in two categories – commercial and community.

Community markets are normally organised by local communities/organisations with the intention of raising funds for a specific charity or celebrating a special event. Where the market is operated on a non-profit basis to assist a charity of community event then the licence fee may be waived.

A commercial market is one which is operated for profit and where the traders are engaged in a business activity of selling goods for their own purposes.

The council will not authorise a market within the parish unless it can be demonstrated that it will not undermine an existing market and not prejudice the overall markets offer. The council will also look for the proposed market to complement existing retail activity in Knutsford.

You can view our markets policy here: Knutsford Town Council Market Licensing Policy.

Examples of markets covered by the licensing requirements:

  • car boot sales
  • antique fairs and markets
  • craft fairs
  • traditional markets
  • farmers markets



A market is defined as a “concourse of buyers and sellers” and a concourse of buyers and sellers is to comprise not less than five stalls, vehicles, stands or pitches.

A market could be held both indoors or outdoors and they include (but are not limited to) car boot sales, antique markets, craft fairs, general markets and farmers markets .

A market could be the sole event, or could form part of an event.