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Coronavirus Vaccinations

Vaccinations against COVID-19 are beginning in Knutsford from this weekend. Led by the Knutsford Medical Partnership which operates the three doctor surgeries in Knutsford, the vaccinations will take place at Knutsford Hospital on Bexton Road.

The aim is to vaccinate all those entitled under the first phase of vaccinations within the next 10 weeks; starting with those over 80 years of age.

There is no need to contact your doctor to arrange your vaccination as the surgeries will directly contact you if you are eligible; this will be either by letter or telephone. Those over 80 should expect to be contacted within the next seven days. Please wait to be contacted and avoid contacting the surgeries directly as this will slow the process down.

As a result of the vaccine rollout the doctor surgeries are extremely busy at this time; the surgeries remain open for those requiring medical attention or who have developed new illnesses but we can all play our part in supporting the NHS and our local doctors by not contacting the surgery about non-urgent matters such as an ingrowing toenail you have had for a few weeks. 

Professional medics, such as retired doctors or nurses, who can assist with delivering the vaccinations should contact Sophie Hulme on sophie.hulme2@nhs.net

You can support the vaccine rollout by volunteering to assist with the administration and marshalling of the vaccination clinics. This is being coordinated by Knutsford Rotary Club who are coordinating short (2.5hr) shifts for volunteers between 8:30am and 4pm. If you can volunteer please contact either We are Knutsford on 01565 364 785 or the Knutsford Hosts on knutsfordhosts@gmail.com

When attending the hospital for a vaccination directly (by car, walking or cycling) please enter via the normal door. If being dropped off or taking a taxi, please enter via the Bexton Court entrance.

Please note, patients are required to remain on site under supervision for 15 minutes after receiving a vaccination and at this stage no refreshments can be provided to attendees.