The top of a statue of a saluting soldier

Did you grow up in Knutsford during the second world war, or know someone who did? Your memories are needed for an exciting new project which aims to record the history of the Town in an engaging documentary film.

The Memories of World War II project will see trained oral history volunteers undertaking social history interviews with residents who lived or worked in Knutsford during the 1930s and 40s. A team of volunteers has already been trained and are ready to get interviewing.

The interviews will be filmed and used to create a 1-hour documentary film telling the story of Knutsford during the war alongside photos and archive footage. The film will be engaging with the aim of appealing to a wider range of viewers and introducing them to more of the town’s history.

The raw interviews will also form important historical records and be published as an online archive.

Town Clerk, Adam Keppel-Green said “Your memories will possibly be the only place that parts of Knutsford’s history are kept and we want to get this on film for future generations. No matter how minor you may think your recollections are, they will help paint a picture of Knutsford during the war and we would be delighted to hear them.”

More information is available at

Those wishing to participate in the project can contact the Town Council on 01565 653 929, in person at the Council Offices or by email at