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Adopt a Knutsford Shop Launches

Knutsford is to launch its own Adopt a Shop Scheme after seeing it promoted by High Street guru Mary Portas, and its success in Dublin, and other UK towns. The scheme sees residents champion their three favourite local shops – shops that make their town special and which if they were to close would be most missed.  Using the #adoptaKNUTSFORDshop hashtag they commit to spending money in their adopted shops, talk about them, and promote them via social media and amongst their friends and family.  They also ask three friends to do the same and help the network of adopters grows.  Some examples of what people can do are:

  • Tweet a selfie outside your adopted shops
  • Share a photo of your latest haul
  • Share a video talking about what you most love about them.

The scheme caught the eye of Sarah Flannery, founder of local volunteer group Knutsford Hosts.  Sarah said, “Many communities are trying to support their local economy and when I heard about this initiative which started in Dublin, I thought it could be brilliant for Knutsford. We’re all doing much more online now, and this is a really innovative way for residents to support the businesses that are most dear to them and for businesses to engage online with their customers.

We all have our favourite shops; #AdoptaKnutsfordShop simply lets us tell everyone! It’s wonderful to see the Town Council support the idea. Making a conscious effort to give our favourite businesses our support will not only help them keep their virtual doors open, it’ll give us all some pleasure to champion our favourites.”  Knutsford Lions are also on board, Paul Buttrick said, “We heard about the #AdoptaKnutsfordShop initiative at our meeting, Knutsford Lions fully support this anything that helps bring back vibrant life to our town after the pandemic.”

Local resident and Radios 2 and 6 DJ, Mark Radcliffe is also on board saying, “During lockdown there have been many local businesses that have provided a lifeline, a friendly face and a valuable service. This scheme is a chance to show the people who work there how much we appreciate their resilience and good humour. The challenges faced in retail have made us all focus more on our local high street and we have learned afresh not to take it for granted and to show our support and thanks for the people keeping those establishments up and running’.

Sandra Curties, Town Centre and Marketing Officer at Knutsford Town Council, said, “We are always looking at ways of promoting our local shops and never more so than present.  When Sarah contacted us about the scheme, it was obviously one we knew we and our community could champion.  We will start by working with members of the Knutsford Hosts and Knutsford Lions, hoping to get #AdoptaKnutsfordShop trending on social media, mentions in the local press and maybe some live videos!”

If anyone wishes to take part in the scheme, please contact