A path through St Johns Wood

“How can we improve St John’s Wood” is the question Cllr James McCulloch will be asking at a community meeting next week.

Knutsford Town Council is hosting a virtual meeting to discuss how the woodland, which is owned by Cheshire East Council and Great Places, could be improved for the community through the establishment of a Friends of St John’s Wood community group.

Cllr James McCulloch, one of six Over Ward councillors on the town council, is the council’s appointed representative for a Friends of St John’s Wood group and he lives close to the woodland in Gaskell Rise, Longridge.

Hosting the meeting using Zoom, the Town Council wants to hear from those who visit the woodland which sits between Longridge, Boothfields and Southfields as well as the residents living nearby. The meeting will also be streamed to Facebook where residents can comment along to have their voices heard.

The meeting will be an opportunity to discuss how St John’s Wood can be improved and what the community wants to see change and what it wants to stay the same.

At the end of the meeting will be an opportunity for people to put themselves forward to form a committee for a new Friends of St John’s Wood. All residents are welcome to join the meeting and there is no obligation to put oneself forward for the committee.

Cllr McCulloch said “St John’s Wood is a wonderful community space in the heart of over ward and is long overdue for investment and improvement. This meeting aims to kickstart this and hopefully over the coming months we’ll see some great changes to this much loved woodland“

If any residents are unable to attend the meeting but want to comment on how the woodland could be improved, they can email enquiries@knutsfordtowncouncil.gov.uk or call 01565 653929.

The meeting will take place at 7pm on Tuesday 16th February. For details of how to join the meeting visit: www.knutsfordtowncouncil.gov.uk/sjw