Town Mayor Cllr Colin banks points to the Mayoress medallion on the exhibition panel

Exhibition records 50 years of council history

A new exhibition has opened at Knutsford Heritage Centre to mark the 50th anniversary of the town council.

Knutsford Town Council was created in 1974 through local government reorganisation which dissolved the Knutsford Urban District Council and created a new parish (town) council for Knutsford alongside a new Macclesfield District (Borough) Council. This was part of reform across the whole of the country.

The exhibition takes a decade-by-decade look at the work of Knutsford Town Council showing things that have changed and things that haven’t. The exhibition was put together by Town Clerk, Adam Keppel-Green who scoured the minutes of the council from 1974 to paint a picture of the council’s activity.

“It was fascinating to delve deeper into the work of the town council over the last fifty years as recounted through the minutes of meetings” Adam said.

“There has been a recurring theme of frustration at things outside local control, poor service standards from the borough/county council and a number of problems that haven’t been properly resolved for the town – such as debates over pedestrianisation and parking.”

The exhibition aims to highlight the role of the council in supporting the town over the last five decades and showing how the council changed.

“The central theme that is shown in the timeline we’ve created is that the council has consistently looked to address the local issues of the day, has been closely involved in planning matters and has had a long chain of councillors who have worked to make Knutsford a better place for all.” Adam added.

The exhibition includes a complete list of the 114 town councillors who have served over the last fifty years – compiled for the first time – and features a number of photographs across the decade themed boards. The exhibition also displays a small number of mementoes from the council’s history.

Town Mayor, Cllr Colin Banks visited the Heritage Centre to view the exhibition and said “We know not everyone will get excited about a council turning 50, but this exhibition aims to highlight the council’s role in serving the town. It’s an opportunity to recognise the importance of having a strong voice representing Knutsford and working for its constant betterment.”

The exhibition is available to view at Knutsford Heritage Centre until August. The Heritage Centre is open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday 11am to 4pm.