This policy sets out the conditions which apply to licences to trade in Knutsford Market Hall.

The policy is overseen by the Town Centre Committee and was last updated in October 2019.



1.1 Knutsford Market Hall (“The Market”) is operated by Knutsford Town Council and supervised by the Council’s Markets Officer.


1.2 The Markets Officer is the Town Centre and Marketing Officer or any duly authorised representative. The Town Clerk may also exercise the powers of the Markets Officer as required.


Market Days and Charges


2.1 The official Market Days are Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday (9am to 4pm) except where these days fall on Christmas Day or Boxing Day.


2.2 Market days and times may be varied by the Council and traders will be given one month’s written notice of any change.


2.3 Traders will be charged a monthly stall fee.


2.4 Traders should ensure their stall is open for the duration of the trading hours above unless permission has been given by the Markets Officer. Traders may trade from 8am and up to 6pm.


2.5 If a trader is unable to open their stall, they should arrange suitable cover. If suitable cover cannot be obtained, each trader is entitled to close their stall for a maximum of four days per calendar year subject to consent from the Markets Officer having providing a minimum of a month’s notice and the condition that only one stall shall be permitted to be closed at any one time.


2.6 The Council shall ensure that access to the Market is provided for traders one hour prior and after the official market times.


2.7 The Assets and Operations Committee of the Town Council shall annually fix the standard monthly charge to be paid by all traders. One month’s written notice of any change to the level of charge shall be provided to traders.


2.8 The Markets Officer shall have the right to waive charges on any occasion deemed appropriate


2.9 No trader may trade on non-official Market Days without the written permission of the Markets Officer. Such permission will not be unreasonably withheld.


Payment of Fees


3.1 Traders shall pay the monthly stall fee in advance of the month forthcoming.


3.2 Payment is to be made by electronic payment or cheque payable to “Knutsford Town Council”. Cash payments are not accepted for any fees.


3.3 If, without the Market Officer’s consent, full payment has not been made by the 7th of the month, a reminder letter will be issued and an administration charge of £10 applied to the account.


Code of Conduct


4.1 No trader shall use any public address equipment, radio or similar apparatus in the Market. The radio in the market shall only be used for Silk FM.


4.2 Traders shall refrain from offensive and unduly noisy behaviour


4.3 No trader shall hawk or carry about any article for sale.


4.4 If any part of a trader’s display is considered by the Markets Officer to be likely to cause offence to the public or in breach of statutory requirements, the trader shall be required to remove it.


4.5 Traders must comply with all reasonable instructions given by the Markets Officer.


4.6 Traders shall not offer special discount to any members, employees, officers or agents of the Council which are not available to the general public.


4.7 No “A-Boards”, posters, signs or similar are permitted to be placed outside the market without the permission of the Markets Officer


4.8 Traders are not normally to permit non-customers to use the toilet facilities in the Market.


4.9 Traders are to treat fellow traders, council representatives and the public with respect and courtesy at all times.


4.10 Complaints about traders or the market operations should be made to the Markets Officer.


4.11 Traders must keep their stall in a suitable condition and may be charged for any damage to the stall.


4.12 Traders are expected to support campaigns organised by the council promoting the market and to implement their own marketing and promotion.


Goods Offered for Sale


5.1 Traders shall only trade the range of goods specified in their Licence


5.2 No trader shall be given the exclusive right to sell any item, type of items or range in the Market


5.3 Traders must apply in advance to the Markets Officer to add additional ranges and goods to their Licence


Compliance with Law


6.1 It is the responsibility of the trader to be aware of all legislation governing their trade and traders must comply with all current legislation pertaining to the sale of their goods.


6.2 Food businesses must be registered with Cheshire East Council. Traders selling food must ensure compliance with the Food Safety Act 1990, the Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations 1995 and the Food Safety (Temperature Control) Regulations 1995.


6.3 Failure to abide by appropriate legislation will result in a Licence being revoked and all fees being forfeited.


Environmental Sustainability


7.1 Traders should recognise their responsibility to the environment beyond legal and regulatory requirements and take steps to reduce their businesses’ impact on the environment.


Examples of this include looking to source products from suppliers using minimal packaging, encouraging customers to use their own bags and purchasing products from local suppliers.


7.2 Plastic bags are not to be provided to customers except where it is a food safety requirement or where the Markets Officer has given approval due to no suitable alternative being reasonably available.


7.3 Any electrical devices used within the market should be energy efficient. Refrigeration units should have doors to retain the low temperature.


Disposal of Waste


8.1 Traders keep their stalls and fittings clean and free from litter


8.2 Traders shall only dispose of waste using the Market bins on Silk Mill Street.


8.3 Traders shall ensure that they recycle cardboard and other recyclable materials. Boxes must be flattened.


8.4 The council shall ensure the Market is cleaned in advance of opening on every official trading day. Traders are responsible for the cleanliness of their own stall and are expected to ensure the Market Hall is kept in a clean and tidy condition throughout the trading day e.g. through cleaning any spillages, collecting any litter.


Licence Conditions


9.1 A licence is issued in the personal name of the Trader(s) and is only transferable with the consent of the Markets Officer.


9.2 The Licence holder and any of their employees left in sole charge of the stall must be over 18 years of age.


9.3 The Licence holder(s) will be required to attend the market personally and trade for one full day not less than once per calendar month.


9.4 A Licence permits a trader to trade in accordance with the Regulations at Knutsford Market Hall.


9.5 All traders must hold valid Public Liability Insurance for claims up to £5,000,000. A current certificate of this insurance, and the receipt for the current premium, should be available for inspection by the Markets Officer on every Market day. Failure to hold a valid policy will result in the revocation of a Licence.


9.6 Traders are liable and responsible for all business rates applicable for their unit.


9.7 The Council may relocate, either temporarily or permanently the location of the Market giving traders three months’ written notice.


9.8 Failure to abide by any regulation may, at the discretion of the Markets Officer result in a Licence being revoked and monies paid forfeited.


9.9 A trader whose Licence is revoked under 9.8 may appeal to the Town Centre Committee whose decision is final.


9.10 The Council reserves the right to amend the regulations as required giving traders one month’s written notice.


9.11 Traders may surrender their licence giving two months’ written notice.


9.12 Existing traders have a right to have their licences automatically renewed provided they have fully adhered to the licence regulations for the preceding 12 months.


Applications to Trade


10.1 All applications for a licence must be made via the official application form.


10.2 The decision to grant a licence will be made by the Markets Officer. Decisions to grant a licence will be based upon established criteria as developed by the Town Clerk


10.3 An unsuccessful applicant may appeal the refusal of a grant of licence to the Town Centre Committee.