This policy provides an overview of how the council will ensure the safety of its employees and the public (where applicable).



1.1 The Council recognises it has a legal duty of care to protect the health and safety of its employees and others who may be affected by the council’s activities

1.2 The Council regards the promotion of health and safety as a mutual objective for all employees, at all levels and in all activities.

1.3 Reference to employees also applies to volunteers working on behalf of the Council.



The Council shall:

2.1 Provide an organisational structure that defines the responsibilities for health and safety.

2.2 Provide adequate resources to control the health and safety risks arising from our activities

2.3 Encourage staff to identify and report hazards so that we can all contribute towards improving safety

2.4 Maintain premises and provide and maintain safe plant and equipment

2.5 Provide information, instruction and supervision for employees

2.6 Provide adequate training and ensure that all employees are competent to do their tasks

2.7 Carry out and regularly review risk assessments to identify proportionate and pragmatic solutions to reducing risk

2.8 Only engage contractors who are able to demonstrate due regard to health and safety matters

2.9 Review this policy at least annually and revise to reflect changes to the activities and any changes to legislation. Any changes to this policy will be brought to the attention of all employees.


Organisation Structure for Health & Safety


3.1 The Full Council has ultimate responsibility for the health and safety of Knutsford Town Council but discharges this responsibility through the Town Clerk to individual managers, supervisors and employees.

3.2 The Council shall ensure that

  • They provide the lead in developing a positive health and safety culture through the organisation
  • All its decisions reflect its health and safety intentions
  • Adequate resources are made available for the implementation of health and safety
  • They will promote the active participation of workers in improving health and safety performance.

3.3 The Town Clerk is the designated person with overall responsibility for ensuring compliance with Health and Safety legislation.

3.4 The Town Clerk shall ensure that

  • This policy is implemented, monitored, developed and communicated effectively
  • Adequate insurance cover is provided at all times
  • There is regular communication and consultation with staff on health and safety matters
  • Safe working practices are developed, implemented and maintained
  • Accidents, ill health and ‘near miss’ incidents are recorded, investigated and reported
  • Ensure that all employees receive adequate training, information and supervision to maintain safe standards.

3.5 All Council employees are required to:

  • Make themselves familiar with and conform to this policy
  • Observe safety rules at all times
  • Where required, wear protective clothing and use appropriate safety devices provided
  • Report to their line manager all accidents, injuries to persons and damage to vehicles/plant/equipment
  • Know the location of First Aid facilities
  • Report all safety hazards as a matter of urgency to their immediate line manager
  • Know what to do in the case of fire, or other emergency and the location of fire fighting equipment
  • Maintain good housekeeping at all times
  • Observe safe standards of behaviour and dress


Fire Safety


4.1. All employees have a duty to take steps to ensure they do not place themselves or others at risk of harm by assisting in identifying fire hazards as they emerge and reducing all fire risks by working in accordance with approved safe practices.

4.2. Fire risk assessments will be conducted annually for all Council premises

4.3. Emergency plans, including evacuation plans, will be established for the Council Offices and any other location routinely used for Council business

4.4. The Town Clerk is responsible for ensuring all fire safety tests and drills are logged in a records book


Contractors and Visitors


5.1. The Council shall ensure that where contractors or sub-contractors are engaged by the Town Council, they must maintain effective control of themselves and those working under them so as to ensure they comply with the responsibilities and duties of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974

5.2. The Council shall ensure that those not in employment of the Council, including the general public are not exposed to risks to their safety or health when on Council premises or at events organised by or on the behalf of the Town Council.