This policy sets out how the council will ensure it can continue to operate in the event of a disaster affecting its offices.

The policy is overseen by the Assets and Operations Committee and was adopted in 2017.



1.1 The purpose of this policy is to set out an agreed process to be actioned in the event of a disaster affecting the Council’s office.


1.2 The key to this policy is ensuring that all officers and members are kept suitably informed during a disaster and that the council can restore normal working arrangements as quickly as possible.


1.3 The Disaster Policy shall be enacted in the event of the council’s offices becoming unusable.


General Policy


2.1 The Town Clerk shall note which employees are able to work from home in the event of the Council Offices being unusable.


2.2 The Town Clerk shall maintain a Business Continuity Management (BCM) box at the Market Hall and shall ensure that he or an officer has access to this box in the event of a disaster.


2.3 The Town Clerk shall ensure that where practicable working practices facilitate remote working in the event of a disaster.


2.4 The annex to this policy shall contain necessary reference information for officers and members in the event of a disaster and the Town Clerk shall ensure this is kept up-to-date.


2.5 There shall be a BCM mobile number which members/officers can receive updates on the disaster through pre-recorded messages.


Disaster Policy


3.1 The Town Clerk shall have delegated authority to make any necessary decisions to facilitate the council office (administration/meetings) returning back to near normal operational functions.


3.2 If the Town Clerk and/or the Town Mayor perceive the situation is likely to last longer than one month to fix a special council meeting shall be summoned.


3.3 The purpose of the meeting under 3.2 shall be to inform Council of what arrangements have been made and what will happen going forward.