This policy sets out how the council works with Cheshire East Council to enforce the removal of unauthorised banners, aboards and signage from public realm.

The policy is overseen by the Environment and General Purposes Committee and was last updated in July 2020.

Aim of Policy


1.1 This policy sets out the council’s viewpoint on the use of Banners, A-Boards and other signage in Knutsford.


1.2 It further aims to reduce problems caused by signage when inappropriately placed and reduce the detrimental effects such signage can have on the aesthetic of the Town and in terms of the health and safety of the public realm.


1.3 The Town Council will adhere to this policy in all its operations.




2.1 The council supports Cheshire East Council’s adopted “Clear Way Forward” Policy.


2.2 In particular it endorses the following requirements for A-Boards:


  • A maximum of one A-Board is allowed per business premises and this must be located immediately outside the front of the premises.
  • A-Boards are only allowed on pavements where sufficient width of footway (min 1.8m) can be left clear and unobstructed for pedestrian usage of the area.
  • A-boards must be of sufficient weight or design as to prevent it being blown over in wind.
  • A-Boards must enhance the high standard of the town shopping area and be of high quality construction, well-coordinated and in colours which are sympathetic to the surrounding area.
  • A-Boards must not be unsightly or unsafe through poor maintenance. A-Boards which are flimsy or tatty are unacceptable.
  • A-Boards should be removed from streets at the close of business.
  • A-Boards should not be on display on days where events are being held in the town.


2.3 Where a business is found to be in breach of the Cheshire East Council policy on A-Boards, the Town Council will initially raise the issue directly with the business concerned and where necessary will work with Cheshire East Council to enforce compliance.


2.4 The Town Council wishes to encourage businesses to embrace the usage of traditional overhead hanging signs as an alternative to A-Boards, which would enhance the street scene and reduce the risk of obstruction.


Banners and Event Signage


3.1 The council recognises that banners and signs are an effective way of advertising events to the community, but believes it is of paramount importance that their use is not abused.


3.2 The council supports the use of banners and signs to advertise public/community events only. The council may also use banners and signs for public awareness notices.


3.3 The council does not support the use of banners or signs to promote private events, birthdays, businesses or promotions.


3.4 The council will remove unauthorised banners from the public realm within Knutsford.


3.5 The Town Council will seek to influence the placing of banners and signage on private land to adhere with this policy.


3.6 Banners and signage for events should not be erected more than two weeks prior to the event, and should be removed within 48 hours of the event taking place.


3.7 Where there is a requirement to advertise an event further in advance this should be agreed with the council and follow a policy of rotating a single banner between different locations on a two-weekly cycle.