Town Awards

Winners of the 2014 Town Awards

What would Knutsford be without its community?

The Town Awards, introduced in 2013, aim to recognise those who give their time to their community. The Town Council makes awards following nominations from the public across four categories, Civic, Youth, Business and Community. After having a hiatus in 2016, the awards are back for 2017 and it is now time for you to submit your nominations and tell us who your community champions are.

Civic Award made to an individual (or group of individuals) who give their time to the community.

Business Award goes to a local business for their work engaging and contributing to the community.

Youth Award recognises the members of our community 21 and under.

Community Award goes to a community organisation to recognise the work they do in the community.


How do I make a nomination?

It’s easy, just complete the form here. The deadline for nominations is Sunday 19th March.

How are the winners chosen?

A panel comprising Cllr Jan Nicholson (Town Mayor), Cllr Neil Forbes (Deputy Mayor), Cllr Andrew Malloy (Events Committee Chairman), Adam Keppel-Garner (Town Clerk) and Ian Cass (sponsor’s representative) will review the nominations and choose the winners. The panel reviews the reasons given for the nominations, not the quantity of nominations received.

When are the awards presented?

The Awards Ceremony will form part of the Annual Town Meeting on April 12th. This is a public meeting, so please put the date in your diary and come along!

We will write to a shortlist of nominees inviting them to the ceremony; keeping the winners secret until the last minute.

Who are the previous winners?

The winners, including the reasons for their awards, are detailed below.

How many awards are made?

We present three Civic Awards, one Youth, one Community and one Business award. We may also make commendations and special awards.


Previous Award Winners

2015 Town Awards Winners

The 2015 Knutsford Town Awards were presented on Civic Sunday, June 28th at a special awards ceremony following the Civic Service.

  • Civic Award – Vivien Davies – for many years of services to the community in local government and an array of community organisations
  • Civic Award – Clive Heath – for  30 years of service to the Knutsford Lions and maintenance of public land around Bexton Lane.
  • Civic Award – Jamie Evans – for dedicated service delivering youth football to Longridge and Shaw Heath
  • Youth Award – Hannah Newton – for voluntary work with the Welcome Cafe
  • Business Award – DPM Sheldons – for supporting a range of community organisations
  • Community Award – Knutsford Beer Festival – for delivering a successful town event and raising funds for local good causes
2014 Town Awards Winners

The 2014 Knutsford Town Awards were presented on Civic Sunday, June 29th at a special awards ceremony following the Civic Service. 2014 saw the introduction of the Youth Award.

  • Civic Award – Vivienne Pike – for contributions locally and nationally to the development of young Knutsfordians through Scouting.
  • Civic Award – Kevin Hollins – dedicated service to the Knutsford Academy and its integration with the wider Knutsford community
  • Civic Award – Derek Empson MBE – for his work with a number of community organisations including the Old Folks Club, Town Plan group and for developing the Community Emergency Plan.
  • Youth Award – Emily May Walker – for her work with the 2nd Toft Guides and wider girl-guiding movement in Knutsford
  • Business Award – Stefanie Meachin of Gusto – for their engagement with fellow traders creating positive spirit for visitors and the community.
  • Community Award – The Welcome – for being the heart of the Longridge community and encouraging interaction through a wide range of activities and community groups.

Commendations were made to Val Bryant, Kane Gunter and Phillip Nixon.

2013 Town Awards Winners

The inaugural Town Awards was held on June 30th 2013. 5 awards were presented at the award ceremony held in the Cranford Suite of Curzon cinema.

  • Civic Award – Jan McCappin – for dedication to so many different community groups including the Town Plan & Heritage Centre.
  • Civic Award – Patricia McAndrew & Louise Reed – for their role as volunteer youth leaders at the Welcome Cafe
  • Civic Award – Rowena Acton – for her work in Longridge and Shaw Heath
  • Business Award – Peter Murray of Pulse of Perfumery for his work brining the business community together.
  • Community Award – Knutsford Lions – for the hugely various work they undertake across the entire town.