This policy sets out how the council manages its CCTV.

The policy is overseen by the Personnel Committee and was last updated in 2024.


1.1 Knutsford Town Council operates the following CCTV surveillance systems:

  • Knutsford Market Hall, 6-8 Silk Mill Street, Knutsford, WA16 6DF

1.2 The system is owned and managed by Knutsford Town Council and the responsible officer for CCTV is the Town Clerk.

1.3 This policy is prepared in accordance with the Home Office Surveillance Camera Code of Practice in force in March 2024. The policy will be reviewed following the issuing of any replacement code, any substantial changes in the systems operated by the council.

1.4 Signage will be displayed at the entrance to sites where the council operates CCTV. Such signage will make it clear that a CCTV system is in operation and provide information on how to contact the council in respect of CCTV queries.

1.5 The council is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office under reference Z3552049



2.1 The purpose of the system at Knutsford Market Hall is to further public safety, the prevention of crime and the resolution of disputes.

2.2 To meet this purpose, cameras will only be sited so that their primary view is of public areas.

2.3 The system is not used to routinely monitor staff, but footage may be reviewed where an issue of potential contravention of safe working practices or compliance with policy is brought to the attention of the Town Clerk/line managers.

2.4 The system will not be used to monitor individuals undertaking day-to-day activities in areas under surveillance.

2.5 The use of CCTV will be reviewed at least annually to ensure it remains necessary to meet the stated purpose and that the stated purpose remains relevant.



3.1 Images which include identifiable individuals constitutes personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018. The council will undertake a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DIPA) prior to the deployment of, or before any changes to, the operation of a system.

3.2 Recordings are automatically retained on the system for 14 days. Recordings may be exported and saved beyond this period as evidence for an investigation compliant with the stated purpose of the system. Such recordings shall be detailed in the access log, stored securely and deleted on conclusion of the relevant process.


Access, Disclosure and Monitoring

4.1 Access to the system shall be limited to the Town Clerk, Planning and Facilities Officer and Town Centre Manager. All access points shall be secured so as to prevent unauthorised access.

4.2 A CCTV access log shall be maintained recording the date, user and purpose of accessing the system.

4.3 Disclosure of recorded material will only be made to third parties in accordance with the purpose of the system and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018. Requests for data must be made to the Town Clerk.

  • Data Subjects have the right to request their personal data
  • Recordings may be shared with the Police and other law enforcement agencies if requested with good cause
  • Images may be released to the media to assist with the identification of victims, witnesses or perpetrators in relation to a criminal incident; the wishes of the victim must be given due consideration
  • Data may be shared with third party contractors (subject to necessary data processing compliance) where the council is required to edit footage e.g. to remove data subjects from footage to be released for disclosure.

4.4 Any viewing of images or provision of recordings to a third party shall be authorised by the Town Clerk and recorded in a log detailing the specific reason data has been shared, the names of who data was released to and any relevant reference numbers e.g. crime incident number.



5.1 Access to or use of the CCTV system or purposes outside this policy may be considered gross misconduct.

5.2 Any complaint concerning the use of the CCTV system will be investigated by the Town Clerk.

5.3 Any questions in relation to the council’s use of CCTV and this policy can be directed to the Town Clerk at the Council Offices, Toft Road, Knutsford, WA16 6TA or