Town Council calls on Cheshire East to support the From Top to Bottom Street report

Knutsford Town Council has officially called upon Cheshire East Council to begin work on implementing the proposed changes to traffic and parking in Knutsford Town Centre, following the proposals receiving 58% public support in the From Top to Bottom Street consultation.

The consultation report has been published and can be read here: Consultation Report. Full details of the proposals are available on the Ton Centre Masterplan webpage: Town Centre Masterplan

The Town Council has requested that Cheshire East Council:

  • commits to work with us to further analyse the proposals in our From Top to Bottom Street report and develop them into an integrated workable scheme.
  • commits to support these proposals and allocates budget and expert resource to work with us to take them further including to undertake traffic flow measurements and computer simulations for the different options for changes to the road layouts so that together we can determine a feasible, detailed plan for traffic in the Town Centre.
  • holds in abeyance any proposed changes to the Canute Place roundabout, Adam’s Hill and Toft Road/Bexton Road junction until such time as they can be harmonised and integrated within these proposals – this is particularly important to ensure that investment from development taking place is not wasted on schemes which damage our ability to improve the town centre
  • ensures that the proposed Knutsford Parking Review (under the Local Transport Plan) fully considers these proposals and that Cheshire East Council works with us to develop a restructuring of public parking in the town centre including studies to prepare for one or more multi-storey car parks

Cllr Christopher Gray, lead member for the Town Centre working group said “As a Town Centre councillor I am delighted that the proposals put to the businesses and residents to ensure the long term viability of the town centre have received an overwhelming positive response following the public consultation.

In such uncertain times with shopping habits changing due mainly to the success of on line shopping it is essential to ensure that our historic town centre is attractive, safe and pollution free.

The Working Group comprising mainly of residents and business owners recommended sweeping changes to the traffic and parking in the town centre which were approved by the Town Council in order to progress the scheme with the highway authority, Cheshire East.

The Councillors recognise the urgency of the situation and will press the three local Cheshire East Councillors to actively promote the  ideas as a priority.”

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