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Town Council Crest Redrawn

smallLogo_A6In 1955 the Knutsford Urban District Council was awarded Armorial Bearings to mark their Diamond Jubilee. The bearings were transferred to the Town Council in 1974 upon its formation.

Interestingly, there have been a number of different versions of the Town Crest used on Council documents. The most recently used version was only a small file, which limited its use when being printed. The Environment Committee decided to have the Crest redrawn to produce a new image to be used on signage, posters and other Council documents.

The Council is proud to present the new, official version of the Knutsford Town Crest. The new version is directly based on the image provided when the bearings were granted back in 1955, and includes a level of detail which had been lost over the years, such as the garland of May around the neck of the Lion. It was redrawn by Manchester based illustrator, Lyndsey Green.

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