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End of Cllr Dean’s Mayoral Year

Having the good fortune to be the Mayor of Knutsford for a year is a real life-enhancing experience.  As many have mentioned before, the real effects of attending events to which you are invited as Mayor over the year are education about the town in which you live, allied to a humbling realisation of just how much work is done in Knutsford for the benefit of the community, mostly by volunteers who are always unpaid and often unsung.

This town has more than its fair share of volunteers, and they make their presence known every single day. They run the Knutsford First Responders, the Heritage Centre, the Hampers of Hope organisation, most of the Church’s  works, the Hosts, the Lions, Community Spirit and many, many more charitable and community organisations around the town. If you cold capture all the work, the good spirit, all the imagination and innovation produced by these groups in just one year you’d have the basis of an answer to most of the world’s problems, right there! Seeing all this in action was the humbling bit.

It’s also worth noting just how much of this work is invisible to many residents. I have lived here for nearly 21 years now, and thought I had a good handle on what went on in the town, but actually I knew about 10% – the often referred to ‘tip of the iceberg’. How many people in this town are aware of the work done by the Gymfinity organisation in training chidden in gymnastics three times a week at Egerton Youth Club, for example, or the Knutsford Fire Brigade’s work with difficult teenagers from St. John’s School every year? Coming across previously unseen community works for the first time this year was the educational bit for me.

Of course, it’s not only volunteers who apply themselves to doing good works for our community, there is also the semi-hidden work done by business people in the town to help make a success of events like the Pumpkin Path at Halloween, the Bunny Hop at Easter and the lights switch-on at Christmas time. The local private businesses also put their heart and hours of work into making this town an even more special place at Royal Horticultural Show time and again at Christmas, when they glam up their shop windows and shop fronts to match those seasonal themes. The Town council also plays its part here, by awarding prizes to those businesses which the Mayor and Deputy Mayor think have produced the most attractive and imaginative results at these times.

A special mention here just has to go to Peter Murray of Pulse of Perfumery, he seems to have taken our community to heart and puts a great deal of time and effort into the year’s events in the town. I’m not sure I’ll forgive him, though, for disappointing every child in the town by encouraging a rumour that Harry Stiles was making a surprise appearance at the closing ceremony of the Pumpkin Path at Halloween, so they all turned out to see the black cloak whipped off the mystery guest – ME! I can still hear the sighs of disappointment today.

One of the difficult things to do before you start your year is to choose your Mayoral charity, or charities, for whom you are going to raise money by organising events throughout the year. I chose the Knutsford District Scouts and the local Salvation Army group. I used to be a Scout, and have always admired the way they have continued to stay relevant to young people from the days of Baden-Powell through to today. They do a lot for their members in raising life-skill levels and confidence, and their benefit to society as a whole is immeasurable.

Throughout my life I’ve always admired the Salvation Army for opting to help the people who have fallen the furthest, into addictions, homelessness and hopelessness. They also tend to deal with people at the other end of the age scale to the Scouts, so I thought the two charities were a well balanced and deserving choice. By organising a party, a golf day, a concert, a quiz night and a Ball at different times of the year, I’m pleased to say we raised £11,155.28, and along with £1000 in match funding from Barclays we were able to present The Scouts and The Salvation Army cheques for £6077.64 each.

Many people have contributed to the fundraising over the year, but I would like to recognise here the extra special efforts of Steve and Alison Moss who held the first charity event, a garden party, at their house, Heyrose Golf Club for giving us a good deal for the Golf Day, Gordon Roberts and the Mancunian Singers for the wonderful concert, and the Mere Golf Resort for giving us a deal on the Charity Ball. All of these were enjoyable and successful events.

The year was not all about the money we raised, however, it was also about representing Knutsford in a good light both within the town and outside. I would therefore like to draw towards a conclusion by thanking the four people who worked alongside me all year, for all types of event. Firstly, I’d like to thank Revd. Rob Cotton for being a sound, dependable and always cheerful Mayoral chaplain this year. Secondly, I must thank my three musketeers, Clare Stuart-West, my PA who organised everything so well for me, my wife Gill, the Mayoress, for being so good at the role, and Sgt. Nancy Nuttall from Knutsford’s ATC, my Mayoral Cadet, who accompanied us on many occasions and was a massive credit to her unit, her school and her family all year.

Thanks to all of you, and I wish Jan Nicholson, the new Mayor, and her team an enjoyable and successful year ahead.

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Community Grants Awarded

The first community grants of the new financial year have been awarded by Knutsford Town Council. Three organisations received funding from the Town Council’s community grants budget, which this year is £7,000.

The first grant went to Community Spirit who received £2,938 towards a variety of projects in Longridge and Shaw Heath including towards the Longridge and Shaw Heath In Bloom projects, a youth camping trip and the annual Family Fun Day.

Lucy Beesley (Great Places) and Cllr Tony Dean

Lucy Beesley (Great Places) and Cllr Tony Dean

The Canute Lunch Club received £400 to help towards the running costs which have increased recently due to a change of venue. Specifically the funding will help towards the celebratory events held by the Lunch Club for Christmas, Easter and a summer outing.

Great Places were awarded £1,328 towards the “My World” project which introduced year 6 pupils to the world of work whilst developing their life skills and aspirations for the future.

Community Organisations are welcome to apply for grant funding via the Town Council website; with applications considered by the Finance Committee. The deadline for the next applications is 9th June. The remaining grants budget is £2,334 and organisations are encouraged to contact the Town Clerk for advice on applying or to find out future deadlines.

In addition to its community grants, the Town Council has also provided £10,260 to Knutsford In Bloom’s work to make the town floral and enter into the North West in Bloom contest and provided funding of £6,000 towards the Heritage Centre’s Canute celebrations.

Tony Ranfield (Canute Lunch Club) and Cllr Tony Dean

Tony Ranfield (Canute Lunch Club) and Cllr Tony Dean

Kane Gunter (Community Spirit) and Cllr Tony Dean

Kane Gunter (Communnity Spirit) and Cllr Tony Dean

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Christmas Window Competition 2015

Every year the Town Mayor visits the festive window displays put on by the town centre businesses in Knutsford, awarding the coveted best Christmas window award. The 2015 winner was King Street’s White Orchid, whose window grabbed Town Mayor, Cllr Tony Dean’s attention.

Jo Ashton (White Orchid) and Cllr Tony Dean

Jo Ashton (White Orchid) and Cllr Tony Dean

White Orchid took to Twitter to express their pride at winning in their first year in Knutsford, saying “WOW, we didn’t know this was happening, thank you so much”

“Wow, we didn’t know this was happening. We were very surprised, it’s our first year in Knutsford and we are so proud”

In second place was La Belle Epoque followed by Edith and Winston in third place. Two highly commended awards were given to Nicholas Austen and Terrence Paul. The winner of the Charity Shop category was CAFT.

“There was a phenomenal effort from the retailers again this year with a multitude of stunning Christmas displays” said Town Mayor, Cllr Tony Dean.

“Congratulations not just to the winners, but to all shops who took the time to add some extra festive cheer to the town”, Cllr Dean added.

Photo courtesy of the Knutsford Guardian

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Market Transfer Documents Signed

The transfer documents for the Market Hall and rights to hold markets in Knutsford have been sealed by Knutsford Town Council. Following the transfer of the two toilet blocks in 2013, the Town Council have been working on the transfer of the Market Hall, outdoor market and market rights.

The documents were sealed by Town Mayor Cllr Neil Forbes and Deputy Town Mayor Cllr Tony Dean. Cllr Dean, lead member for the transfer of markets said “I am delighted that we have now signed the legal documents for the transfer with completion expected on June 30th”.

“We have plans to improve the Market Hall and promote the use of the market to the community. The Council will also be looking into re-invigorating the weekly outdoor market” said Cllr Dean.

Cllr Forbes added “This is another historic moment as the running of the market returns to Knutsford for the first time since 1974 and I look forward to working with my fellow councillors to improve the facilities just like we did with the public toilets”.

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