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Mission to protect Knutsford’s Trees

One of the Town Council’s key aims as part of its 2020 Vision was to protect, maintain and safeguard Knutsford’s street trees and woodlands. As part of this aim, the Town Council will be investigating applying for additional Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) for important trees within the town.

Cllrs James Power, Peter Coan and Charlotte Greenstein

Cllrs James Power, Peter Coan and Charlotte Greenstein

TPOs are made by Cheshire East Council in order to protect specific trees, groups of trees or woodlands in the interests of amenity and this prohibits felling, topping, lopping, uprooting, wilful damage and wilful destruction of trees without written consent.

There are already a large number of trees protected, either specifically by TPOs or as part of the town’s Conservation Areas. Five town councillors have volunteered to walk their wards to assess if any further trees need adding to the schedule of protected trees.

Councillors Yvonne Bancroft and Peter Coan will be surveying Over Ward, Cllr James Power will be walking Nether Ward, Cllr Simon Hutchence, Bexton Ward and Cllr Charlotte Greenstein has taken on Norbury Booths.

Orders are mainly used for trees where the removal would result in a significant negative impact on the local environment and its enjoyment by the public and where protection would bring a reasonable degree of public benefit in the present or future.

“If any member of the public knows of a tree or woodland that they believe should be protected, they can help by sending a photograph and a description of the location to us” said Town Clerk, Adam Keppel-Garner.

Photographs and information can be sent to the Town Clerk at or to the Council Offices.

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Listed Building Review

Knutsford Town Council has undertaken a review of the Listed Buildings in Knutsford and outlined 14 historic buildings it plans to apply to have listed as a building of special architectural or historic interest with Historic England. The list includes the only remaining Gas Lamp installed by the Knutsford Freeholders in 1844 and the War Memorial Cottage Hospital on Northwich Road. The Town Council identified a further seven buildings it will apply to have added to the schedule of Locally Listed buildings too. The review was undertaken in conjunction with Knutsford Conservation and Heritage Group.

Former Post Office, Chelford Road (courtesy of Knutsford Heritage Centre)

Former Post Office, Chelford Road (courtesy of Knutsford Heritage Centre)

Knutsford already boasts over 110 listed buildings and the Town Council set out its commitment to protect the heritage and character of Knutsford as part of its 2020 Vision. The buildings the Town Council is seeking to protect are:

  • Coronation Square
  • Moorgath, Legh Road
  • Old Post Office, Chelford Road
  • Knutsford Methodist Church,
  • Former Bucklow Rural District Council building
  • 21 Princess Street (formerly the George Tap)
  • Musgrave Gas Lamp, King Street
  • War Memorial Cottage Hospital
  • Booths Hall
  • Cranford and Fourways, Cranford Avenue
  • Kerfield House, Chelford Road
  • Humbug Cottage, Leycester Road
  • Moseley Hall, Chelford Road
  • Victorian Post Box, King Street

“Protecting the heritage of our historic town is one of the Town Council’s key objectives” said Town Clerk, Adam Keppel-Garner. “If anyone has any additional suggestions for buildings which they believe should be listed, please let us know”

The Town Council has already begun researching the history of the buildings to bolster the case for listing, but is appealing for information and old photographs on a number of the buildings.

“I’ve found a fantastic account of the history of Moseley Hall, the Methodist Church and Humbug Cottage, but there hasn’t been much written about any of the others” said Adam.

Any old photographs, plans or histories of the buildings can be submitted to the town council to

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Open Spaces Survey

Knutsford Town Council is continuing to work towards meeting the aims of its 2020 Vision; now with a survey asking residents what should happen to the numerous areas of public open space in Knutsford. In the plan, adopted in 2014, the Council set out an aim of “ensuring Knutsford’s open and green spaces are protected and where possible, improved”.

The Town Council has created a map and database of all publically accessible land in Knutsford with a view to protecting the spaces for future generations and working with owners to make improvements and now wants to hear from residents what they think should happen to their spaces.

The Council has started the process of writing to residents living around a number of the identified spaces and is now appealing for all residents to share their thoughts on how areas could be improved.

“We want to hear from as many residents as possible on how they want to see their open spaces preserved; it could be that they need to just remain as they are or residents may feel that spaces would benefit from trees planting, benches installing etc.” said Town Clerk, Adam Keppel-Garner.

The map of identified land can be viewed at and comments can be sent to the Town Clerk at or via the Council Offices.

“The feedback we receive will be shared with the owners of the land and also provide data for the emerging Neighbourhood Plan” Adam added.

The Town Council has already begun receiving feedback with one resident commenting “I think it is fantastic we have a council who recognise the importance of these open spaces”.

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Meet the Funders Event

Knutsford Town Council has teamed up with Cheshire Voluntary Services Cheshire East (CVSCE) to host a ‘Meet the Funder’ morning at the Curzon. Free for Knutsford based community, faith and voluntary organisations to attend, the event will offer organisations to meet individually with a range of funding organisations.

Funders already confirmed to attend to promote their grant schemes include the WREN community fund, Heritage Lottery Fund, Cheshire East Council, Knutsford Town Council, Public Health Grants Schemes and Cheshire Community Foundation – with more to be confirmed.

“A key part of our 2020 Vision is to support volunteer organisations and charities” said Town Clerk, Adam Keppel-Garner. “We hope that as many Knutsford organisations will attend as possible to discuss their funding requirements with a range of funding bodies”.

In addition CVSCE staff will be offering support with searching for funding and inviting groups to bring in draft funding applications for their read through service. Colleagues from their VOICE network will also be on hand to collect views from groups which can be fed back to local statutory organisations.

CVSCE Development Officer, Alison Ellison said “This is a great opportunity for local voluntary and community groups to meet face to face with a range of funders. Groups will be able to discuss future plans and funding needs and receive feedback from funders.”

The ‘Meet the Funders’ event will be held on Wednesday May 20th from 10am to 1pm in the Cranford Suite, Curzon.

Booking is now open for organisations to attend: The event is free for Knutsford based organisations and members of CVSCE, for other voluntary groups a charge of £10 is made per organisation.

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