A strategic plan is a key document for any organisation, setting out what is priorities are and how it will work to meet them. The council’s strategic plan will guide our work over a decade, keeping us on a track to ensure we are consistently delivering for Knutsford. It will be a key document in assessing how successful we are as an organisation and ensure that councillors, officers and the wider public have a clear vision of what the council should be achieving and when.

In 2014 we adopted our first corporate/strategic plan – the ‘2020 Vision’ – which ran until 2020. Under this plan we delivered a Neighbourhood Plan, worked to improve green spaces and sought the protection of historic buildings.  After a delay due to the pandemic, we began developing a new plan in 2022 and held an initial public consultation to understand from you what our priorities should be.  We  used that feedback to develop our draft plan and the draft plan was put out to consultation in February/March 2023. We are currently reviewing the feedback.


Knutsford Town Centre will be a thriving independent destination for visitors and residents alike

Knutsford will have a diverse network of green spaces, a biodiverse natural environment and a reduced carbon footprint

Knutsford residents will have access to the services and facilities they need to live happy and healthy lives

Our residents will have less need to use a car with it being easy to travel by cycling, walking and public transport

We will lead a strong, connected community with a thriving community spirit and civic pride