In 2014 we adopted our first corporate/strategic plan – the ‘2020 Vision’ – which ran until 2020. Under this plan we delivered a Neighbourhood Plan, worked to improve green spaces and sought the protection of historic buildings.  After a delay due to the pandemic, we are now working on a new plan which will guide our work from 2022 to 2032 and we want to hear from YOU what our priorities should be.

A strategic plan is a key document for any organisation, setting out what is priorities are and how it will work to meet them. The council’s strategic plan will guide our work over a decade, keeping us on a track to ensure we are consistently delivering for Knutsford. It will be a key document in assessing how successful we are as an organisation and ensure that councillors, officers and the wider public have a clear vision of what the council should be achieving and when.

We are at the second stage of our plan making process – analysing the results of our open consultation.


The first stage of our plan making process was to hear from the community what our priorities should be –  we ran an open consultation from Monday 27th June to Friday 5th August 2022 where a total of 198 residents took the time to input their views – plus we heard from a group of year 9 and year 12 students from the Knutsford Academy too!

We’re currently analysing the responses and we are aiming to consult on a draft plan this Autumn.

Check out our promo video featuring all 15 of your councillors.