Speed Monitoring

The Town Council purchased a movable Speed Indicator Device in early 2018 with two aims; firstly to educate drivers of speed limits and remind them not to speed and secondly to be able to collect reliable speed data to quantify speeding issues. SIDs have been proven to be effective at enforcing speed limits as many drivers don’t realise they are going too fast.

The SID displays the speed a driver is driving (up to a limit to discourage people trying to see how high they can go) and a message to slow down. It is mounted on lamp columns or street signs and we work with Cheshire East Highways to determine suitable locations.

If there is a road where you are concerned about speeding please email alex.brown@knutsfordtowncouncil.gov.uk with details. We will then look to arrange for the SID to be installed to collect data and remind drivers of speeds.

We proactively publish the data collected from our SID. If you make use of the data please do reference the Town Council as the source.