Current Projects

Current Projects

The Town Council is always working on a range of projects; here’s a run down of some of our key projects.

Transfer of Council Offices

The Town Council is working to take ownership of the council offices in 2019.

Cemetery Chapel Refurbishment

The Grade II listed chapel at the centre of Knutsford Cemetery is returning back to Town Council management; we’ll be starting with a refurbishment of the chapel and installing a new toilet and kitchenette before beginning to increase the profile of this little gem.

and the small stuff...

Here are some of the other things we are looking at

  • Publishing a cycle map
  • Investigating toilets and accessible plots on allotments
  • Developing a new Corporate Plan

Transfer of Knutsford Cemetery

We will be taking back responsibility for the Knutsford Cemetery in January 2020 and assessing options to expand the site to provide future burial provision.

Booths Garden

We are planning to open up the garden behind Booths as a community garden, renovating the benches, bins and flower beds and involving the community in the planting and maintenance.

Chelford Road Obelisk

Subject to grant funding, we will be adopting the Chelford Road obelisk, undertaking repairs and repointing and clearing the land around it to make it a gateway feature to the town.