Air Quality Monitoring

The Town Council is monitoring the roadside air quality with diffusion tubes for a period of a year to establish if areas outside the current AQMA (Air Quality Management Area) have pollution levels that could be harmful to health by exceeding the UK Air Quality Strategy Objectives.  There is evidence that high levels of NO2, a colourless gas produced when fossil fuels are burned , can inflame the airways and, over a long period of time, affect how well the lungs work. Diesel is one of the main sources of this toxic gas.

The concentration of NO2 is measured in micrograms in each cubic metre of air (µg m³). A microgram (µg) is one millionth of a gram. A concentration of 1 µg m³ means that one cubic metre of air contains one microgram of pollutant. To protect our health, the UK Government set two air quality objectives for NO2 in their Air Quality Strategy:

  1. The hourly objective, which is the concentration of NO2 in the air, averaged over a period of one hour. This is designed to make sure that we are not exposed to high concentrations of NO2 for short periods of time. High concentrations can arise in episodes, which are usually associated with particular weather conditions.
  2. The annual objective, which is the concentration of NO2 in the air, averaged over a period of a year. This aims to protect us from being exposed to NO2  over a long time. The EU Limit value and UK Air Quality Strategy objective for NO2 is 40 µg m³

Further more information see (in file)

The table below shows the results of the monitoring by diffusion tubes, which show the concentration of NOin the air measured in µg m³. A reading over 40 µg m³ exceeds the UK Air Quality Strategy objective.

Date of AnalysisLocationµg/m 3
15th June 2018Manchester Road37.54
15th June 2018Police Station Junction54.40
15th June 2018Brook Street (Near Aldi)33.81
15th June 2018Mobberley Road/Parkgate Junction36.04
15th June 2018Mobberley Road/Junction Thorneyholme Drive38.52
19th July 2018Montmorency Road (near One-Stop)16.58
19th July 2018Wallwood (Top Of Junction King Street/No Entry Sign)19.31
19th July 2018Football Club MCR Road21.66
19th July 2018Egerton Primary School15.98
22nd August 2018Manor Park South (Top of Thorney Home Drive)15.35
22nd August 2018Top of Adams Hill (middle of Road lamp post)55.74
22nd August 2018Police Station (Pedestrian Crossing Red/Green man)41.08
22nd August 2018Manchester Rd, next to house No. 17 Manchester Rd34.15
19th September 2018Manchester Road Next To House No 1731.66
19th September 2018Police Station (Pedestrian Crossing Red/Green Man)39.25
19th September 2018Kings Street/Regent St Jack (Next To Wine N Wallop)29.66
19th September 2018Princess Street/Old Sessions House (On Cctv Camera Post)29.60
19th September 2018King Edward Road (By Egerton Primary Sc) Lamp Post 3828.46
28th November 2018Tabley Road (Final Attempt)24.83
28th November 2018Northwich Road roundabout next to OKA41.43
28th November 2018Parkgate Lane by Co-op Fire Station24.35
28th November 2018Mobberley Road - Kids Allowed (traffic light)21.46
28th November 2018Legh Arms Junction - Give Way Sign/Telephone box49.39
7th January 2019Toft Road (Canute Roundabout)43.85
7th January 2019Manchester Road CEC Site36.81
7th January 2019Police Station Junction44.14
7th January 2019Top Adams Hill Pedestrian Crossing
7th January 2019Mobberley Road Junct Thornleyhorne Drive
6th February 2019Manchester Road CEC Site44.42
6th February 2019Police Station Junction 46.74
6th February 2019Brook Street (Near Aldi)42.98
6th February 2019Mobberley Road - Kids Allowed 23.98
6th February 2019Adams Hill by Pedestrian Crossing 58.87
8th March 2019Police Station Junction 42.85
8th March 2019Adams Hill by Pedestrian Crossing 55.75
8th March 2019Northwich Rd near Ambulance Station35.67
8th March 2019Parkgate Lane/Mobberley Rd Junction26.29
8th March 2019Tatton St/Minshull St32.19
15th April 2019Police Station Junction34.62
15th April 2019Adams Hill by Pedestrian Crossing 43.15
15th April 2019Church Hill/King St Junction25.11
15th April 2019Mobberley Road/Thorneyholme Drive33.88
15th April 2019Manchester Rd near Football Club22.72