Open Spaces Survey

Knutsford Town Council is continuing to work towards meeting the aims of its 2020 Vision; now with a survey asking residents what should happen to the numerous areas of public open space in Knutsford. In the plan, adopted in 2014, the Council set out an aim of “ensuring Knutsford’s open and green spaces are protected and where possible, improved”.

The Town Council has created a map and database of all publically accessible land in Knutsford with a view to protecting the spaces for future generations and working with owners to make improvements and now wants to hear from residents what they think should happen to their spaces.

The Council has started the process of writing to residents living around a number of the identified spaces and is now appealing for all residents to share their thoughts on how areas could be improved.

“We want to hear from as many residents as possible on how they want to see their open spaces preserved; it could be that they need to just remain as they are or residents may feel that spaces would benefit from trees planting, benches installing etc.” said Town Clerk, Adam Keppel-Garner.

The map of identified land can be viewed at and comments can be sent to the Town Clerk at or via the Council Offices.

“The feedback we receive will be shared with the owners of the land and also provide data for the emerging Neighbourhood Plan” Adam added.

The Town Council has already begun receiving feedback with one resident commenting “I think it is fantastic we have a council who recognise the importance of these open spaces”.

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