Open Spaces, CAB and Neighbourhood Plans

Thank you to everyone who took part in our Open Spaces survey where we received well over 100 comments on numerous open spaces across the town. We will be compiling the responses to develop a plan of how the suggestions made can be implemented.

The Town Council has committed to funding the Knutsford CAB service for the next four years, securing its future in the town. At the Council meeting on Monday 28th the Council also supported a campaign against the closure of the Macclesfield Courts.

The Neighbourhood Plan is now making progress with the working groups beginning to meet. We are still looking for volunteers so if you are interested in finding out more about visit where you can find dates for meetings and information on the different working groups.

Robin, our Town Ranger, has been busy refurbishing the triangular woodland area on Hollow Lane recently. The bench and the bin have been refurbished; overgrowth on the trees trimmed back and the railings will now be painted. Robin has also been working in Tabley Hill Cemetery, removing rouge bushes and trees which have begun to obscure gravestones.

Finally, in February 2014 the Town Council supported a campaign to see a share of Business Rates returned to Parish Councils; it will be interesting to see whether, following the Chancellor’s announcement this week, this will be implemented as part of the changes.

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