Councillors Gray, Banks, Coan, Dalzell, Johnson, Lowe, and Mears.

B Allen (Planning and Facilities Officer)



Apologies were received from Cllr McCulloch (health).



Cllr Lowe declared a personal interest in application 24/1254M on the grounds of knowing the applicant.



Several residents spoke regarding the initial Local Plan Consultation suggesting the committee consider if the model adopted for the existing local plan, creating community led groups with the aid of CEC councillors would work for the new draft Local Plan. The sustained constructed engagement with Cheshire East officers and ability to attend all public examination meetings was beneficial in the process, but it was noted that other approaches may suitable, such as a town councillor led strategy, or a greater use of planning consultants, would be more effective as the existing community groups are not as active now. Residents supported the format for the proposed consultation workshop to explore the draft issues suggested by Cheshire East Council and hope the nature of the local plan process will be explained during this.

A resident spoke about applications; 24/1460M stating the conservation officer does not agree with the size and design of the proposal due to its impact in the setting of the Legh Road Conservation Area; 24/1144M stating the management plan for the Town Centre Conservation Area attempts to preserve the historical retail frontage and the usage of aluminium should be changed back to timber; and 24/1410M stating the previous proposal needed to be scaled back and was subsequently withdrawn but this application seems to have taken on board the previous comments from the conservation officer but may still need to amend the design of the gate.



It was RESOLVED to approve the minutes of the meeting held on 8th April 2024



It was RESOLVED to submit the comments detailed below.


24/1144M 6 Canute Place Non-material amendment on application 23/0836M: External materials of the shopfront to be amended from timber shopfront to aluminium shopfront The council STRONGLY OBJECTS to use of aluminium and considers that painted timber would be more suitable material in the Town Centre Conservation Area to preserve the historical significance of the retail frontages. The council request the conservation officer’s comments are carefully considered.
24/1241M 190 Grove Park Two-storey front and side extension, single-storey front and rear extensions The council raises no objections, subject to neighbours.
24/1232M 17 Parkgate Replacement of flat roof over existing extension, with pitched roof. The council raises no objections, subject to neighbours.
24/1087M 13 Mellor Crescent Proposed side and rear extension, including garage conversion and internal alterations. The council raises no objections, subject to neighbours.
24/1265M 24 Mereheath Park Proposed two-storey front extension and alterations and proposed two-storey rear extension and alterations The council OBJECTS on the grounds the proposal constitutes overdevelopment of the site through an overbearing front elevation, the loss of the garage, and the design is not in keeping with the character of the area.
24/1213M 18 Tabley Grove 2 storey extension to side elevation and single storey extension to rear elevation The council raises no objections, subject to neighbours.
24/1254M[1] 64 Warren Avenue Two storey side extension The council raises no objections, subject to neighbours but suggest the applicant reconsider the design.
24/1361M 3 Sugar Pit Lane Single storey side extension, side bay window, rear garden building and car port The council raises no objections, subject to neighbours.
24/1291D Winstanley House, Northwich Road Discharge of Condition 14 on 22/0566M – Residential redevelopment of former Winstanley House site and demolition of associated garages. Replacement building containing 28 no 100% affordable apartments, car parking and landscaping. The council raises no objections, subject to neighbours.
24/1410M 8 Church Hill The proposal creates a new patio space in the car park with glazed doors onto the patio. There is also a second low level entrance proposed The council OBJECTS to the proposal on the grounds of the loss of parking spaces within the town centre and the design of the gate which should be visually permeable and not closed boarded. The council request the conservation officer’s comments are considered carefully.
24/1105M 5 Autum Avenue Proposed garage/partial garage conversion, first floor side extension and associated internal alterations The council raises no objections, subject to neighbours..
24/1460M 26 Goughs Lane Demolition of existing single-story rear extension and replacement with an extension which provides more resolved internal spaces, a replacement porch to the front elevation and new external rendering throughout. Landscaping and driveway changes to the front to allow for level access throughout. The council supports the conservation officer’s comments and agrees that the finishing materials could be detrimental as the property lies within the setting of the Legh Road Conservation Area.
24/1446M 6 Carrwood We wish to make three (3) amendments to the existing approved plans: 1. Removal of Roof Light Window from the Front Facade 2. Extension of the Roof Line on the Left Side of the Existing Extension 3. Addition of a Dormer of the Same Proportions as the Other Two Dormers on the Front Facade The council raises no objections, subject to neighbours.

[1] Cllr Lowe abstained from voting on this resolution.



It was RESOLVED to submit the comments detailed below.


24/1417T 8 Church Hill


Section 211 Notice:

1 large overgrown Willow which is heavily leaning. Proposal for crown thinning. 1 silver birch which has taken root since the garden has been neglected and has overgrown its location. Propose to fell this.

The council raises no objections subject to neighbours.
24/1440T 194 Grove Park Works to TPO:

At the rear of the property all the trees have a TPO applied in Grove Park. The tree in question is a self seeding tree that has grown prior to us buying the property. The tree has grown through the fence, photograph provided and the fence has been damaged in high winds and needs to be replaced. It is currently being held up by a base of a trampoline. Obviously, this can’t be a long term solution. The fence provides security between the A50 and our property and needs to be replaced. To do this work we need to remove the tree.

The council requests the tree officer carefully consider the application due to the lack of sufficient information presented.




The decisions were noted.



It was RESOLVED to hold a consultation workshop in early June to feed into the initial response and to explore ways to generate community input outside of the proposed workshop.



It was noted that the next meeting would be held on Monday 20th May 2024.