Knutsford has 6 Car Parks operated by Cheshire East Council and 2 privately operated . You can see their locations on the map. There are also parking facilities at some of the Pubs and Hotels for guests; if you are staying in Knutsford speak to your accommodation provider to see what they provide.

Cheshire East Council Car Parks

Parking charges are in place from 8am to 6pm Monday to Saturday. Check sites when parking for any variations. For more information click here to visit Cheshire East Council’s website.

Parking is controlled on Sundays, but free of charge.

Tatton Estates Car Parks

Parking charges and controls are in operation Monday-Sunday. Car Parking charges are in force 24hrs a day. Car parks operated by Britannia Car Parking.

Spaces0-1 hrs1-2 hrs2-3 hrs3-4 hrs4-6 hrs6 hrs +24 hrs
King St (CEC)13160p£1.00£2.10£3.10
Silk Mill Street (CEC)3060p£1.00£2.10£3.10
Old Market Place (CEC)1260p£1.00£2.10£3.10£3.90£4.30
Princess Street (CEC)5460p£1.00£2.10£3.10£3.90£4.30
Tatton Street (CEC)14450p£1.00£2.10£2.50£3.10£4.30
Booths (CEC)26440p80p
Green Street (TE)2260p£1.00£3.30
Northwich Road (TE)2860p£1.00£2.50

Disabled Parking

Three of the Car Parks in Knutsford include disabled parking spaces. There are 3 spaces at King Street, 1 at Princess Street and 6 at Booths.

All information correct March 2015.