Finger Posts to Neighbourhood Planning

Knutsford will soon be easier to navigate for visitors, with the environment committee arranging the renovation of the town centre finger posts. There are currently four in the town centre, which will be renovated and new fingers installed. These will direct visitors to the market, the Moor, public toilets and the like.

Progress is being made with the Neighbourhood Plan with the first meetings of the working groups being coordinated and a leaflet being distributed to all homes to help raise awareness and seeking volunteers. If you would like to be involved please visit the neighbourhood plan website for more information.

Don’t miss the King Street enhancement exhibitions on Silk Mill Street this week. The town council will be discussing the plans at our next meeting on Monday, July 20, in the Jubilee Hall.

The Town Ranger has been working hard over the past few weeks to begin a series of general improvements in the town centre; this has included beginning to repaint the cast iron bins, cleaning town centre maps, signs, etc, and weeding a range of overgrown areas. If you’ve spotted something that needs doing please do let me know.

The Town Clerk’s Column is a bi-weekly blog appearing in the Knutsford Guardian.

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