Knutsford Bunny Hop

Knutsford Bunny Hop

Knutsford Bunny Hop is an annual Easter event held in Knutsford Town Centre where families can find bunnies dotted along our trail! Find the bunnies hidden around the town centre and note down all of the letters attached to them on your Bunny Hop postcards to win special prizes kindly donated by local businesses! Finished postcards can be posted into our special postbox which is located at the Knutsford Heritage Centre, just off King Street.

There is plenty of extra fun to be had as we have fun and games at our Market Hall, competitions and activities of all sorts on the day! Expect to see lots of costumes and have lots of fun! Please dress up too if you’d like – there might even be prizes for this on the day.

Lots of our amazing local businesses take part during the event so look out for their ‘Bunny Hop Friendly’ posters in their windows for special promotions and giveaways!

We’re taking a break for 2020 due to the unfortunate Covid-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak, but please come back and visit us in 2021! You can find out more about how the Bunny Hop works in the meantime by visiting us on Facebook and Twitter!

Easter activities to do at home

Since there is no Bunny Hop this year, we’ve found some activities you might want to try while you’re at home!

Easter Egg Hunt
Why not make your own Easter Egg Hunt at home to keep your little bunnies entertained? You can hide any kind of treats (Easter or otherwise) for them to find in an easy little activity. Simply print and cut out the little clues and give the first one to your children, then hide the second one at the location the first clue points to!

The clues will direct them around the trail, you could hide little treats at each point or a special treat at the end of the trail once all the clues have been found! There is also a blank clue sheet which you can use to create your own locations or to add extra clues to make the trail longer!

Gather up the clues at the end to re-use so you can have fun more than once; you can alternate the prizes from edible treats to an hour of time on their devices, an hour’s walk out in your local area, a game of their favourite boardgame, their favourite dinner – whatever you like!

Download and print the pre-made clues here, and the blank clues here, courtesy of!

Easter Fun Run

Have some silly Easter fun with your children and get some bursts of exercise in in one go! Print off these little activity cues and dot them around your garden or house. Get your children to run around and find a clue and quickly carry out the task to win a special treat, or make it a competition and whoever completes the most tasks wins!

You can set a time guide for each activity (and don’t forget to grab your camera for some great photo opportunities!) or make it a quick as you can game.

Gather up the mini cue cards when you’re done and keep them to play again! You can stick the tasks onto little sticks to plant into the grass, fill up little plastic eggs with the cards if you have them to hand, stick them with some tape onto household surfaces to be easily pulled off, or just fold them in half and dot them around your house or garden!

Download and print the fun Easter activity cue cards here, courtesy of!

Nature Scavenger Hunt

If you’re getting out for some exercise, Knutsford is blessed with lots of woodland and open green spaces! Why not take your walk through one of these greenlands and have half an hour of fun with your children?

Use this free printable scavenger hunt list which you can print and give a copy of to your child and see how many items they can find in 30 minutes!

This is a great short activity for some family time out in nature and a great way to keep your children’s minds active as they look for some treasures!

You can keep the sheets so they can see what they can find next time, or print a new one for your next walk. Depending on the type of your garden, you could even do a little hunt with your children in your garden, and see what they can find at home!

Download and print the scavenger hunt list here, courtesy of!

Huge thanks to all who entered our 2020 Easter Colouring Competition! The competition is now closed but you can view all of the beautiful entries we received in our Facebook album here!

We hope to see you all when we return on Easter Saturday 2021!