Mayor's Charities

Mayor’s Charities

Each Mayor chooses local causes to support with their fundraising efforts over the course of their Mayoral year.  The Mayor will host a variety of fundraising events and participate in activities in support of the charities.  The Mayor also receives donations and matched funding for the charities.  This year Cllr Andrew Malloy, Mayor of Knutsford has decided to do thing’s a little differently.  He is currently working with the Town Council to establish a “Mayor’s Charity”.  Through this charity he will raise money to support:

  • A starter fund for a youth skate park, while establishing a youth council, so that the kids themselves can design, fund and look after the park.
  • Local charitable community sports groups, of which there are many across the town, specifically focusing on those supporting youngsters. As part of this, I will be working with these sporting clubs to host a weekend of sport, showcasing what they have on offer.

Watch this space for more details of the Mayor’s Charity Fund.