Officers & Staff

The Town Council employs two full time and five part time members of staff. You can see our staffing structure here: Town Council Staffing Structure.

Adam Keppel-Green, Town Clerk

Adam Keppel-Green PSLCC

Town Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer

Adam joined the Town Council in 2012, starting as Deputy Town Clerk. He oversees all council matters and clerks the Assets, Personnel and Neighbourhood Plan committees. As RFO, Adam manages the councils finances.

Contact Adam:
01565 653 929 – 07896 669 042


Sarah Morgan, Deputy Town Clerk

Sarah Morgan

Deputy Town Clerk (Maternity Cover)

Sarah joined the Town Council as Administration Assistant in 2016 and is covering Lisa whilst she is on maternity leave. Sarah clerks the Environment, Events, Planning and Finance committees and oversees town events, the Town Ranger service, allotments and town maintenance.

Contact Sarah:
01565 653 929 – 07964 426 947



Sandra Curties, Town Centre Manager

Sandra Curties

Town Centre Manager

Sandra joined the Town Council in 2017 as the new Town Centre Manager. Sandra’s role is to develop communications between the business community, support economic vitality of the town centre and to run the Market Hall.

Contact Sandra:
01565 653 929 – 07497 040 501

Annabel Irvine, Mayor's PA

Annabel Irvine

Mayor’s PA

Annabel supports the Town Mayor’s duties co-ordinating invitations and managing the Mayor’s fundraising events, including the annual Charity Ball.  

Contact Annabel:
01565 653 929

Alex Brown, Administration Assistant


Alex Brown

Admin Assistant
Part-Time: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 

Alex supports the whole team by undertaking a wide range of general administration, from managing the planning database to helping coordinate events.

Bob Garner, Town Ranger


Bob Garner

Town Ranger

Bob’s mission is to make Knutsford a cleaner and tidier place. They undertake a wide range of duties from litter-picking, bench refurbishment, tending to Wallwood, cleaning roadsigns and much more. If you spot a grot spot in town it could be something the Town Ranger can help with!

Alan Bolshaw

Kimberley O’Neil

Market Hall Cleaner

Kimberley keeps the market clean and tidy as well as reporting general day-to-day issues to the office and maintaining the information stand.

Lisa Benskin

Lisa Benskin PSLCC

Deputy Town Clerk
Lisa is currently on Maternity Leave.

Lisa joined the Town Council as Deputy Town Clerk in 2014 with responsibility for the Environment and Events Committees. Lisa oversees matters such as the Christmas Events, Town Awards, Town Ranger service, Town maintenance and Allotments. Lisa also clerks the majority of Planning Committee meetings.

Contact Lisa:
Lisa is currently on Maternity Leave.