Agendas, Minutes and Reports

All meetings of the Council and Committees are open to the public, and have a period set aside on the agenda for the public to voice concerns or ask questions. There are some occasions where the public and press may be excluded to discuss sensitive items in private, but the Council seeks to minimise such occasions.




Events Committee

Events 01-07-19 (DRAFT)


Assets Committee

Assets 13-06-19 (DRAFT)

Personnel Committee

Personnel 29-05-19 (FINAL)

Finance Committee

Finance 24-06-19 (DRAFT)


Council Offices Sub-Committee

COSC 08-07-19 (DRAFT)



Reports are prepared by members and officers to provide sufficient detail for effective decisions to be made at meetings and are published as part of the agenda for the meeting. After meetings the reports are uploaded for future reference. Confidential reports are excluded.

C1912 - Personnel Committee Terms of ReferenceFull Council24 June 19
C1911 - Purchase of Council VanFull Council24 June 19
F1903 - Establishment of a Mayor's CharityFinance24 June 19
F1902 - Working GroupsFinance24 June 19
F1901 - IAWG Terms Of ReferenceFinance24 June 19
ENV1908 - Wildflower Meadow & Green CorridorsEnvironment and General Purposes17 June 19
ENV1907- High Street Clean Up GrantEnvironment and General Purposes17 June 19
ENV1906- Substance Misuse Working GroupEnvironment and General Purposes17 June 19
ENV1905 - Floriculture and In BloomEnvironment and General Purposes17 June 19
ENV1904 - Tatton Street Pavement Encroachment Environment and General Purposes17 June 19
ENV1903 - Friends Of The HeathEnvironment and General Purposes17 June 19
ENV1902 - Friends Of The MoorEnvironment and General Purposes17 June 19
ENV1901 - Working GroupsEnvironment and General Purposes17 June 19
A1904 - Council Office Meeting Room ChairsAssets and Operations13 June 19
A1903 - Procurement Of Council VanAssets and Operations13 June 19
A1902 - Asset Management Annual ReportAssets and Operations13 June 19
A1901 - Working GroupsAssets and Operations13 June 19
C1910 - Health And Social Care Working GroupFull Council03 June 19
C1908 - Assets DecisionFull Council03 June 19
C1907 - Establishing A Youth CouncilFull Council03 June 19
C1906 - Development Of Town Centre MasterplanFull Council03 June 19
C1905 - Development Of Strategic PlanFull Council03 June 19
C1904 - Town TwinningFull Council03 June 19
C1903 - Co-option To Over WardFull Council03 June 19
C1902 - Code Of ConductFull Council03 June 19
C1901 - Adoption Of General Power Of CompetenceFull Council20 May 19