Town Council Elections 2019

The notice of the 2019 Town Council elections has now been published, giving potential candidates until 4pm on Wednesday 3rd April to stand for election.

Elections are being held for all 15 seats on the Town Council – all existing councillors retire from the council and must stand for election if they wish to continue and a number of the current councillors will not be seeking re-election.

The election for any contested wards will take place on Thursday 2nd May.

Can I stand for election?

To stand for election you must be at least 18 years old, a British citizen, European Union citizen or eligible Commonwealth citizen. You must meet one of the following qualifications

  1. Be a registered elector in Knutsford OR
  2. Have occupied  as owner/tenant land or premises in Knutsford for the whole of the past 12 months OR
  3. Knutsford is your only or main place of work during the past 12 months OR
  4. You lived within three miles of the parish boundary during the whole of the past 12 months

You would be disqualified for standing if you are employed by the council, are subject to bankruptcy restrictions, have been sentenced to more than three months in prison during the last five years or if you have ever been disqualified for corrupt or illegal electoral practises.

How do the wards affect the election?

Knutsford is divided into four electoral wards – Over, Bexton, Nether and Norbury Booths. You can view a map of the wards here: Knutsford Ward Map.

Each ward elects 3 councillors, except Over which elects 6. Candidates must stand in any ward – they don’t have to live in that specific part of town. Voters in each ward will chose from the candidates standing in their area – Over Ward can vote for up to six councillors, the others up to three.

How do I stand?

To stand you must complete a nomination form, which you can download here: Nomination Forms.

You will need an elector from the ward you wish to stand in to propose you and a second person to second you. You then need to hand deliver your form to the elections staff at Cheshire East Council’s Sandbach office – by 4pm on Wednesday 3rd April.



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