Community Grants

Knutsford Community Grants

Knutsford Town Council offers funding to local bodies to help towards projects which enhance the lives of Knutsford residents. The grant schemes are only open to Community Organisations, Local Charities and Community Interest Companies and bodies must have a bank account in their name.

Projects must deliver a benefit to Knutsford residents and we encourage applicants to look at alternative sources of funding in addition to the Town Council. We only accept one application per organisation in any financial year (April 1st to March 31st) and will not fund hospitality, salaries or projects with party political links.

If your organisation is looking for funding, you should also look at the Cheshire East Council funding schemes and the list of organisations also offering funding.

Community Grants Policy

Before you apply, make sure you have read the Community Grants Policy:

Community Grants Policy


Applying for £200 – £3,000

If your community group is looking for up to £3,000 towards a project, this scheme is for you. Applications to this scheme can be made at any throughout the year and will be referred to the next Finance Committee meeting. Below are the deadlines for applications which are 10 days before the meeting the application will be considered at.

Applications under this scheme must be accompanied by accounts and a recent bank statement and for any items costing £500 or more should demonstrate best value has been sought by submitting quotations.

We encourage applicants to attend the committee meeting when the application is being considered to answer questions which may arise or to provide additional information. We’ll let you know the meeting it will be considered at.

Previous Awards: Knutsford Lions £360 for their Young Leaders in Service scheme,  Brook St Chapel £1,500 for emergency building repairs, Knutsford Tennis Club £1,500 towards new playing surfaces and Knutsford Harriers towards training for coaches.

Deadlines:  15th September, 24th November, 19th January, 16th March

Apply: Community Grants Application Form


Applying for up to £200

We know that £200 can go a long way for some community groups and help cover the cost of minor projects so we have a simple process for requesting a donation up to this amount.

Previous Awards: Knutsford Job Advice Clinic £200 towards the costs of the service, St Cross Christmas Tree Festival £200 to support the event, Tabley Road Community Speedwatch £180 to purchase equipment.

Deadlines:  15th September, 24th November, 19th January, 16th March


Apply: Donation Application Form


Applying for £3,000+

The Town Council has a large grants scheme to consider any applications for funding above £3,000. Applications under this scheme are only considered once per year as part of the annual budget setting process. Applicants need to supply more in depth information than the smaller schemes and must attend the committee meeting where applications are considered. All awards under this scheme are payable from April 1st 2018.

Applications under this scheme must be accompanied by the last two years of your accounts and a recent bank statement and for any items costing £500 or more should demonstrate best value has been sought; usually by submitting quotations.

Deadline: 20th October 2017

Previous Awards: Knutsford in Bloom £10,260 for the costs of floriculture projects and North West in Bloom entry, Knutsford Heritage Centre £6,000 towards the costs of the Canute Millennial Celebrations, Community Spirit £3,383 towards the cost of numerous projects in Longridge and Shaw Heath.

Apply: Large Grants Application Form