Community Governance Review Petition

Knutsford Town Council is calling on Cheshire East Council to undertake a Community Governance Review (CGR). This is a formal process which defines the boundaries and electoral arrangements of Knutsford  Town Council. The Town Council has identified three anomalies it wishes to see fixed:

Northwich Road Development

The housing development planned on Northwich Road straddles the boundary of Knutsford and Tabley. The new residents who eventually live here will use Knutsford services, have a Knutsford address and consider themselves part of Knutsford but technically will live in Tabley. This means they won’t pay the Knutsford precept (making it comparably more expensive for existing residents)  and means they won’t be represented by the Town Council.

Longridge Development

The housing development planned opposite Longrdridge is wholly within Knutsford but it is split between two Town Council wards – Over and Norbury Booths. This will present confusion at elections and for representation as different houses within the area will be represented by different councillors.

Populations within Wards

Nether Ward and Over Ward are set to increase through development whilst Norbury Booths and Bexton remain the same. This results in a disproportionate ratio of electors to councillors across the wards.

To trigger a review we need around 800 electors of Knutsford to request a review from Cheshire East. We have created a petition to make this process simple – all you need to do is click here: create an account with the Cheshire East website and sign the petition. We’ve already collected around 300 physical signatures, so its just another 500 we need to get!


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