Bluebells for Wallwood

Knutsford Town Council teamed up with 1st Knutsford Beavers and 2nd Knutsford Beavers and Cubs to plant 500 bluebell bulbs at Wallwood. The native English bluebells were planted around the edge of Wallwood, the small wood at the tip of Tatton Street and King Street, and will be complemented with Red Campion and additional bluebell seeds to add a colourful edge to the woodland.

Wallwood Bulb Planting March 2016 2With advice from local environmental expert, David Hackett of Knutsford based Biora Group, the planting has reintroduced the native English bluebells into Wallwood. The Town Council will then be removing the invasive Spanish bluebells which threaten the English bluebell.

“Bluebells are an iconic part of a woodland and once established will provide a fantastic flash of colour to Wallwood as well as supporting bees and butterflies” said Town Clerk, Adam Keppel-Garner.

“This is part of a few environmental improvements we are looking at in Wallwood to promote wildlife and improve the little woodland for the community.”

Cllrs Andrew Malloy and Hayley Wells-Bradshaw joined the beavers and cubs with all 500 bluebell bulbs, plus a small number of wild garlic, being planted in just over half an hour on Wednesday 29th March.

“A big thank you goes to the beavers, cubs and leaders from 1st and 2nd Knutsford for their help planting the bulbs and I hope they will all enjoy seeing them burst into flower” Adam added.

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